• Nylon Flowers

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    “Irrational love is like a bird in the summer sky while rational love is a bird in a golden cage.
    Irrational love blooms like a real rose flower, opens up,dances in the rain, under the sun and come eve releases its divine scent, then is gone.
    While rational love is like a plastic flower , it just unreal but secure.
    Rational love is for cowards who dont want to live with real roses.
    They are hankering after security, safety, guarantees and permanency so much that they dont want to take risks.
    Irrational love has its own beauty. Once you rationalise love, you have destroyed its spirit– it is simply a dead replica of what real love is all about!”

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    1. Well written!
      June 12, 2018 at 5:32 pm

      Very well written, and you make good points. This is a topic I myself have been struggling with for some years. In some ways you could say it is a metaphor for my life, the theme: to take a risk or to play it safe?

      Some of us work for years on a singular relationship in attempts to bring it stability, strength, and help it to stand the test of time by nurturing it. Isn’t that the desired outcome of any love? What we don’t realize is as time flies and things like the stress of worklife and the responsibility of children take their toll again and again, we lose our passions. We lose our fire.

      It’s actually quite sad really. Enter temptation. Enter a person who makes your heart feel like it’s flying free. Enter a person who touches your soul in ways it forgot it could be touched. Enter a person who makes you question everything you thought you knew and everything you thought was real. Enter a person who reminds you how to love yourself and that you are capable and worthy of such love. Enter the person who threatens all you worked so hard to build.

      Now you find yourself faced with a choice. Do you walk away from all you worked for for so long? Do you turn your back on your family that you wanted and built? Do you abandon those who love and depend on you? Do you leave your spouse who has only ever loved, supported you and stood by your side through all of life’s extremeties? Or do you deny your heart and once again self sacrifice your desires in order to do what you know, what you feel in your heart is right?

      For me there is no contest. See, this temptation of mine could have had a life with me, had his eyes been open or had he not have been so closed minded. Now I have made choices and life decisions. My decisions are no longer my own. They affect others now. I can’t and won’t be the villain that haunts my kids dreams. I would rather be their superhero, no matter what I may be missing. My life isn’t about my desires or happiness anymore.

    2. Wansa
      June 13, 2018 at 2:08 pm

      So true! Beautiful description to those that understand

    3. the author
      June 15, 2018 at 8:50 am

      This poem is dedicated to the kindest of persons I have ever known who I will always care for deeply, a beautiful, gentle soul of thought, artistry and poetry who called out for me when finding themselves irreversibly chained, imprisoned in the very centre of a vast field of infinite nylon flowers.

      My heart tried its best to free, amuse , smile, laugh , love and entertain them, but sadly formaldehyde’s noxious fumes emitted by the nylon flowers became unbearable, I had to leave or else would have died like them, of spiritual suffocation.

    4. her
      June 19, 2018 at 10:03 am

      When it comes to flowers I rather choose none over nylon ones.
      When it comes to love -same

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