• Looking back

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    My father chose to raise the daughter of someone And foster another daughter, both of whom from what I understand had time in detention facilities.

    When I moved down here to get to know him I also worked for him under his insistence and he payed me wages that would calculate out under a dollar per hour when I tallied all my time up.

    My father promised to help with my tuition, but fought hard on these things me when I asked for help, because the room at his house was enough. Not to sound ungrateful for having that roof over my head.

    Recently he purchased the painting I did of the tree made of human forms Mesmer. When he was looking it over he’s telling me how easily it’s worth 1000 but asks me how much I would sell it to him for. Half joking I say for you it’s free. He offers 600.
    But when I deliver the painting he only hands me 200. I say nothing.

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