• one sided love

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    What is one sided love? all I can say that it is love but quite unknown. its like you are in a relationship but its just you, nobody else. its sad, you know, not to have someone who care for you, who thinks of you before themselves but it is kinda sad and it is devastating when everyone around you is in love and they all talk about it all the time, its like they don’t even think what the other person might be feeling. but its okay, because you are in your dream land with your dream boyfriend / crush. ever fall in love with your best friend? I did, and it was my biggest mistake ever. I wish I could do it over one more time. and it is so crushing that you cant tell him anything, cant share your feelings when he is around you, all the time. I mean in one sided love you do everything for him / her without them knowing and when they love it or even like it, its like the best feeling ever, its like rain in the month of draught. its that magical. one smile, just one smile makes your day or even a week.for me, I did all the crazy things just to be with him and he didn’t even know about it. I changed a bus in the middle of a heavy traffic just to be with him on the same bus. waited for him at the metro station for hours just to sit across him in the metro. I actually loved doing those things. I never demanded anything, never ever. everyday I use to pray for him, for his happiness and all he did was just smile, maybe that was my reward. I used to get down at a station which was far away from my place but was near to his, so that we could share our ride. i wish i could see him again, just once and confess.

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