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    To all,

    The name of this website is,

    “Letters I’ll Never Send – giving an audience to your inner monologue”.

    So keep that in mind when it comes to writing, reading, and responding to letters

    posted on this site. Likewise, remember that this website seems to draw-in

    different types of users.

    Some are people who simply need a safe place where they can write to

    express & process their thoughts/feelings, to vent, to be heard, etc. in an

    anonymous way & have no intention of ever sending the letters to their official

    person (OP), and in-fact sometimes the Author and the OP are one.

    While others wish to use this site as a way to communicate with their OP for

    various reasons. For this type of user – if you want your OP to read/respond

    And know it’s From you To him/her – here are some words of wisdom and advice:

    1. If you have other means to communicate then attempt those ways First!!!

    2. Please remember that there are millions of people in this World & the chances

    that your person will ever come to this website is highly unlikely. And even if

    your OP did come to this site, it would be a rare event that both of you would be

    writing, reading or responding to letters at the same time. Additionally, the

    chances that he/she would ever find your letters/responses would be near to none.

    Furthermore, to have effective two-way communicating on this website is almost

    impossible. Sorry about the pessimistic outlook. I’m not saying that you should

    throw hope out the window, it’s just that I’m making you aware of the reality!

    3. Addressing/Signing the letter – if you don’t feel comfortable using your

    name and/or your OP’s name, then perhaps use the first & last initials of

    your/their name. Or use nicknames that you both know, but make sure it’s

    not a generic one (such as Love, Baby, etc.) that so many people use.

    4. The title of your letter – use one that will stand out to your OP and/or is

    relevant to the subject matter. Try to avoid a generic title.

    5. In the body of your letter – Remember, there are so many similarities among

    letters written on this website. Try to provide as much specific info. that you &

    your OP would feel comfortable with. Perhaps, describe the situation with

    examples/facts. Also, consider using unique keywords that would be searchable if

    your OP used the search bar.

    I hope this helps all of you.


    a LINS (Letters I’ll Never Send) user

    2 Responses to Peace among users of this website

    1. Whatever
      May 22, 2018 at 8:19 pm

      Oh jeez. Every so often, someone writes one of these profound and epiphanous diatribes. Look, if you want a safe place to express your thoughts, open up a text editor on your phone or PC and have at it. Or, write it down in a journal. Shit, you could probably write it on a park bench with a sharpie. I think many people write here in the hopes that someday, their person will see it. Perhaps their person will not be sure if they wrote it, but maybe they’ll think for a second about whether they could be percieved in such a light, whether positive ,negative or neutral. Why the hell else would you write it in a publicly accessible site? People have responded both positively and negatively to my posts. I don’t mind. It’s nice to know how my thoughts or actions are percieved by others. I might think to myself ” gee, I wonder if my dumb ass made my person feel that way?”. And so on. Other times, people are not responding to whom they believe is their person, but to a sentiment. Someone posts about rejecting someone because they have a conjoined twin… You have a conjoined twin as well and see an opportunity to enlighten someone on the many benefits of dating conjoined twins, etc.

      Just relax and get over it.

    2. S
      May 23, 2018 at 12:20 pm

      Aur business is aur business it’s non of your business ????

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