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    And in the hearts of men, there was division. In the minds of men, there was turmoil. Confusion made enemies of brothers. Misinformation made fools of scholars. Darkness had made the place of learning into a place of war…
    Writing this is going to be a bit difficult. Everyone seems to start with a beginning. Stories are placed before ideas. Ideas are told within stories, but stories are interpreted in different ways. Meaning is given and taken from narrative in a way that becomes layered yet fraught with complication. The storyteller speaks volumes and the stories persist, but the intention of their message is known truly to them alone or to their students and friends with whom they have shared the message in close, personal translation.
    I have never attempted to organize all of my own pieces into a whole at any one point. For me, these experiences have come over the course of an extended lifetime and each has been typically addressed in its own time or as pertaining to a specific lesson or question as it has arisen. Deciding on a singular place to begin in order to cover all of it at once is not an easy task. I do not wish to leave a story that requires deciphering.
    There are particular fundamentals which should be discussed and understood before the details are laid bare; however much of the requirement of such is bound up in the correction of miscommunications from previously established cultural ideas, beliefs, histories and religions. The faulty interpretation of stories has to be unlearned before the truth is accepted…
    Therefore, it becomes necessary to address each of these topics separately before diving into the heart of matters.
    Part of the complexity at work within this matter is a question of whether to begin personally, with an introduction to who I am and what my purpose is, or to simply relate the facts outright with all of the procedure that one might expect from a timeline or historical text. If I were to relate the account of who and what I am: Shall I begin with the beginning? Or do I begin with how and when this information became relevant to the present?
    There are histories to be told and ideas to be presented. There are analogies that must be made but I do not wish to confuse. For this reason, I feel that in order to convey these matters most effectively, I must address them in sections. I do this out of sheer necessity. I choose to leave allegory to the fictionists. I state here and now that this shall be literal and in truth so far as I can stretch the limitations of human language. I will speak at the level of the basically learned for this time, and I will give my testament through direct address, using analogy only where it is demanded for the sake of simplicity.
    I will not begin within the narrative of history or the fabric of physicality but within the speech of ideas, so that you may have the necessary context first and the pertinent details only afterward.
    Problem 1
    Thusly I begin.
    The foremost issue with relaying the truth to most people, is that people as a whole are far more inclined to hold onto what they think that they know already than to open themselves to something foreign in concept.
    Humanity in general would like to think that the ultimate goal of any individual would be the pursuit of truth. This is an optimistic view of the self, an optimistic view of the world I would say. Unfortunately, it is also a bit naive.
    The issue that goes unspoken is that ultimately fear is a larger part of the whole than often given credit. Human reactions to fear do not require any recognition of the fear itself. You do not have to know that you are afraid in order for your actions to become motivated by that fear. This makes it easy for you to remain unaware of something even as it drives you forward.
    The reason that this must be discussed is that it has proven evident throughout history that people fear the possibility of any truth which causes them to re-evaluate their previous conceptions and prejudices.
    You see, it is the incredibly common belief that you have an adequate understanding. Most believe that the knowledge which has been previously learned is not only accurate but preparatory for the life that you will live. You assume yourself intelligent, capable and informed. You assume it as children, as teenagers and as adults. Even when you are professing a desire to learn and discover, the first attempt is almost always to prove your preconceptions to be in the right, and therefore to prove your own capacities for discernment as both justifiably accurate and reliable.
    Any challenge to this is largely met with outward rejection of the challenging argument, resentment or anger toward the source of that challenge and further entrenchment into the previously held belief. Letting go of this and accepting the probability of alternate possibilities is a struggle for most while it is nearly impossible for many more.
    This is no fault of yours or those around you. This is simply the nature and confidence of youth. It is only as one ages and grows in wisdom that any individual begins to appreciate the vastness of that which they do not know. In the growth that we call enlightenment, people begin to question the world around them a bit more. The possibility that what they once believed may require further scrutiny becomes clearer as a probable fact. Quite frankly this is simply because the more that one understands, the more they begin to see all that which they do not understand. You grow out of the childhood notion that you already have all of the answers.
    There are many ways of expressing these problems; so many in fact that formal studies have been conducted on both issues and the effects have even been given their own names which are of little importance for our purposes here, but noteworthy to acknowledge.
    These are issues that occur seemingly within the realm of the mundane world, yet I do speak of them now solely in the context of such for a reason. I choose to begin with this because of its direct relevancy to the reactions toward all that follows. These concepts, of fear and your reactions to it, are inarguable truths that can be agreed upon by any rational being without cause for contestation. There is nothing personal about these facts. There is no reason for anyone to take a defensive stance when it is accepted that this is generally a universal condition. Yet even within that statement, it would be natural for you to feel challenged or upset if you may perceive these statements as accusation. You may perceive my tone as condescension.
    Consider your reactions now as you consider them throughout your reading. Always question why you feel as you do and be honest with yourself about those reasons. I can ask nothing more than for you to be open to the words I say, and then to either accept or dismiss them with self-awareness, clear mind, and humble heart.
    If you find yourself unable, then you are not ready for the messages that will be conveyed henceforth and they will surely fall on deaf ears and hardened mind.
    Problem 2
    Most people are raised within a community that shares a mutually accepted standardization of what they consider reality. This applies to cultural norms, proprieties of behavior, practices of faith and beliefs of the spirit. Everything from your idea of justice to your fashion of dress is continually influenced by the world in which you live. A commonly shared belief finds acceptability. This can be a faulty belief that is held true, such as when you believed that the sun rotated around the earth or it could be a relative concept that is widely held, such as the idea that stars are beautiful, still further it could be an absolute truth which has been proven, such as the basic tenants of Newtonian physics. If it is shared by enough of you, then it is accepted within your society.
    That which is uncommon however, whether absurd, innocuous or in fact true, is collectively frowned upon and vilified. It is disruptive, and therefor it sparks within you, a sense of fear.
    Even in the most diverse areas of the earth, anything outside of the decided norms is considered aberrant, unhealthy, or outright sinister. The consequence of a person or persons straying from these standards can vary greatly dependent on the level of perceived disruption. The conclusion of this question is directly correlative to the intuitive assessment of threat to the standard beliefs of the community.
    By these judgements, a difference of opinion, action or essence can lead to ostracization, ridicule, literal incarceration, acts of violence or even the offending party’s death at the hands of those within the confines of the approved systems.
    As advanced as the world has become, tribalism and xenophobia remain an ever present and persisting condition of the human experience.
    The result of these truths is that when one group believes that they know best then the congregative inclination is to hold fast to their ideas with ferocity. Beliefs and ideas of a society are considered a part of their collective identity every bit as much as an individual’s beliefs are identified within themselves as a part of who and what they are.
    So, it is that any challenge to a concept of identity is considered a challenge to the autonomy and personhood of the individual. This holds so true in fact, that the mind perceives an attack on the idea with the same responses that it would enact toward an attack on the physical autonomy and personhood of the body.
    Therefore, both societies as well as individuals, reject any perceived contradiction or challenge to their beliefs unless they are able to see the immediate and undeniable benefit of change.
    At times this tendency can be benign, at other times malignant. Often enough cultures as well as individuals will even attempt to force their perspective of the world onto others so that they may assure preemptively that those valued perceptions and ideas will never be threatened again. The reason for this is because deep down you already know the deeper truth. That which threatens to change your mind, must thusly change you. If your ideas change, so too does your perception of self, and thusly your identity.
    So what is wrong with change? And why does it become easier with wisdom? I would ask you to reflect on these questions as well.
    Concluding Summary of Challenge
    I know fully that what I present here, if read widely, would not only be rejected outright by most, but purposely attacked. If I were to come forward openly, I would be labelled as a heretic and blasphemer. My sanity would be questioned. There would be attempts to discredit me via scrutiny as well as outright lies and eventual threats on my life. This is because what I have to say will challenge long held ideas and beliefs to a great number of people, beliefs that are held very closely and in direct formation to the identity of millions.
    These are ideas that mean something to a lot of people because these are matters of faith, spirit and the nature of reality itself. As you know, those topics throughout time have led to everything from revolution, war, crusades and genocide.
    This is the problem that I face in choosing to write these words. I break it down as a problem of multiple components, but it is in fact all a singular problem.
    The Resulting Conclusion and Hope
    For every negative there is a positive. All things in time will find equal balance. Should I choose to write this anonymously, it will be released in much the same fashion. If I should choose to name myself, then the weight of my words would be attached to my name.
    I do not expect this to make waves on any large scale while I breathe life in this form. My genuine hope is that this will be placed into the world quietly and without announcement. There will not be trumpets to hail the message but It will be found by those who are seeking, and those who are ready, while easily dismissed by those who are not.
    I will in a way, reveal my identity as it relates to the words I must say, but I will not reveal my form or location. I will not fight to prove any of it, nor will I stand to justify myself beneath the harshness of humanities gaze. When the time is right for this to spread, it will do so by the will and readiness of the people, and not the force of any one proclamation. This is the solution that I have decided upon. The lessons lie in wait and available until the seeker is ready.
    The First Truth
    Before revealing the details of any one matter I must confess to you the conditions of how you have arrived at this place.
    The fortunate news is that you have all been right. The unfortunate news is that you have also all been wrong.
    With that said, as I speak I could relate the names and instances through documented sources of where things were reported correctly and where they were misunderstood, even where they were changed outright, but this would lead to only conflict that would stand in opposition to the intentions of this text. I will give no ammunition to one group over another, and I will refrain as much as possible from any direct admonitions or praise of tribe, region, or individual.
    The simple fact is that from the beginning of your existence on this world, you have received messages of truth. This has not been restricted to one region or people. This has not been purposely hidden. These revelations have been given openly to the world from the genesis of mankind unto the present, but by the inclinations of human nature, these messages have been distorted with personal and cultural purposes beyond the simplicity of their original communication. Some as they were spoken more directly in fashion, were forcibly hidden for a time and there have been attempts to destroy knowledge by those in power. Yet to this day, all has persisted and can yet be found. Many other times, the fault has lain not in purposeful alteration, but in your ability as a race to conceive and understand or even to translate between one language and the next over the course of time as context and understandings changed with the growth and spread of your collective knowledge.
    Throughout this journey, missing truths have been filled in like a child’s game of mad libs, while present information has been lost in translation along a chain of human fallibility. Still I say again that the kernels of truth persist throughout all, and the whole of it has in one way or another, one place or another, always been preserved.
    My apologies now for the following representations as they are analogous, but necessary.
    The result of all of this, I communicate now as thus. The truth of your world and of reality itself is a puzzle. Not a puzzle as in a mystery, but a puzzle as in a single picture made of up of individual pieces scattered about a tabletop that you call the earth.
    As the messages were handed down to you, each faith, each region, each tribe, held tightly to their piece or pieces. You lost the image of the whole almost as quickly as it was revealed but it was assured that the pieces would remain.
    Unfortunately, puzzle pieces by their design, are incomplete and human beings hunger for answers. It is not merely nature that abhors a vacuum, it is you. In time, you looked at the pieces that you held, and in order to create a more complete image, you built around the edges, adding filler through any means necessary to assure that you felt confident in the wholeness of your individual piece.
    This artificial reconstruction is what I refer to like a game of Mad Libs. Even when it did not make sense, you could not leave the blanks as they were. If recognized as temporary patches or placeholders then this would have been fine, but you each knew that these messages were divine in origin. You knew that they held power, truth and meaning. So subsequently, completed now by your artificial fulfillment, one by one, you seemingly all took the same path. You framed your pieces in the context of absolute truth, placed them on altars, and declared them beliefs. You built religions around fragments of teaching, declaring them whole and infallible, then you built new tribes from these religions.
    Even when you changed the framing on your own accord, or one tribe broke from another, carrying only their copy of the piece itself which they built up in new ways, you held fast that it was definite and binding.
    Where once the puzzle pieces of your world would have fit together, you now saw stories at conflict with those of your neighbors. You saw absolute truths in your artificial fulfillment, and you warred with one another over the differences. Any conflict with your now complete truth as it were, was blasphemy to your ears and heresy to your beliefs.
    The only ways to put these pieces back together Is to either strip away all but the original form and return them to the shape that they might fit or to start over with a new puzzle altogether. Half truths will not reform the whole and trying to fit together the myriad of artificial shapes you’ve made, will not remake the image that was lost. It must either be through the work of study and discernment as guided by a true heart, or it must be by the revelation once more of the original information.
    A Messenger
    How you may ask would anyone know this? Who would be able to tell?
    As mentioned earlier, these messages began long ago, at the dawn of your race. However, they do continue to the present. These messages are given by messengers. This is why I write today.
    I am one such messenger.
    You call us by many names, and we have come in many forms. We are great in number, and every bit as varied in personage as yourselves, in fact more so, for reasons that will be understood later on. I am not the first. I am not the last. I am not the only one to attempt this before. Technically, nothing I reveal to you here is new information aside from my personal account and perspectives.
    I have been coming here for a long time. I will return in many forms in times that I have yet to live. My personage and my history is something that I will divulge in greater detail at a later section, but for now, what I tell you is this. I am here as a messenger, trying for the first time to write this in my own hand rather than to dictate the message to one of you.
    There are others like me throughout time and even now. We continually attempt to tell you the truth. Some are far more eloquent than myself and many are wiser, but our goals remain the same.
    When you were young, we spoke to you as children, with fantastical tales utilized to give you morals, conveying the stories and messages via context that you would understand. As you grew, we spoke to others with more complexity and revealed countless details. We have gone so far in our efforts that during past eras, we have even taken some of you into the cosmos itself to show you first hand the realities of the universe.
    We will continue to teach as long as even one of you still desires to comprehend and continues to grow.
    Yet for every one of you that has understood, there are legion whom your teachers could not reach on their own level.
    We do not blame the students. We blame ourselves. I know that I surely do.
    I admit here and now that we are imperfect. You should not ever assume us otherwise. We do not always know how best to convey our knowledge onto you as a people. Even in our patience and care, we are often saddened to see our messages arrive incomplete, misunderstood, or altered. To watch allegory become literalism or for parable to become the basis for radical fundamentalism where its entire message is missed in favor of its symbology, is simply a disheartening experience. Even a good teacher can have a student who is not ready, just as even a good parent can on occasion, grow frustrated with their own children.
    I am less patient than many of my rank. I am a soldier first. I lack the nuance and understanding of many of my kin and therefore I gravitate toward the more simplistic. By comparison to your standards this may not hold true, but I find myself closer to your level than many other like me. This is precisely the reason that I choose now to write these things myself, to give you my direct words, that may be passed on without the need for intermediaries and prophets.
    I am not here to teach you how to live or how to grow. There are others who have done and will do far better at such tasks. I am here to teach you why you live, why you grow, and how it works.
    So, as I attempt to write this I must tell you now, I will use analogy until you tire of hearing it. I will refrain from idiom to the best of my capability and most importantly I do not intend to tell any story that is not literal in its telling.
    I do not want allegory confused with history, so I do not intend to mix the two. When I tell a story, I will tell it as it happened.
    There is no secret meaning aside from the revelations you may find when you compare my words with the symbolic versions which have come before. I do not speak in code. I do not speak in the fantastical. I speak in the plainness of tongue, in the language that is common to the age.
    With this said, I will begin in a way that you might understand most simply.
    Many of your religions tell you the stories of your peoples and their relationship with the divine. They are full of lineages and accounts, details of instances and events that fill volumes. They cover millennia of narratives containing wisdom and instruction. I would not take those from you nor would I discourage you from seeking the truth within them for make no mistake as I speak, those telling and accounts do contain all of the truths that you need if only you take the time to isolate them from the falsehoods of the surroundings that others have placed over them.
    That is not however what I will be doing. I intend to give you the picture from a distance, as known and seen from a perspective not of your own. You do not need another volume of unapproachable magnitude by which to base your lives and history. You need only the truths that hold unchanged and unchangeable. Those are what I offer here.
    My message, though true in all word and history, is not the only path to truth. It is simply meant to fill in the gaps so that you may more clearly be able to understand what has and will come.
    Many separate truths may be found along a single path, or a singular truth may speak to you from many paths. I cannot stress enough that I will not discourage anyone from their personal journey. If you take issue with what I say, then return to your path and pay me no mind. My message is only for those who both seek it and see the truth within.
    The Structure.
    It is difficult to prove the non-existence of a thing. It is possible however to prove its existence. The absence of something is often less evident than its presence, and yet, it is felt.
    Now it is, that we come to the greatest difficulty. In order to speak of the vastness and complexity of cosmological systems, I must either use analogy, or assume the reader versed in both quantum mechanics as well as astrophysics.
    I cannot assume for each of you to understand or to stay apprised of the most advanced cosmological theorems or models that your world currently offers. Even if I were, that would be to assume that each of these models and ideas had already found the answers to which they seek, which yet is not the case. They are works in progress which have come great strides and learned many truths, but they too are presently incomplete.
    What I say here is as much for those seeking scientific truth as it is for those who read in search of spirit. I will be using some scientific language, but only in the most basic sense. I want as many people to understand as possible.
    In the beginning… there was everything. It was surrounded by vast emptiness, and it took loosely the form of a sphere. Right now, there is everything. It sits surrounded by vast emptiness and takes loosely the shape of a sphere. In the end, there will be everything, it will be surrounded by vast emptiness and it will take loosely the shape of a sphere.
    This is the universe. On the largest scale of anything natural, it is a reflection of the smallest. To imagine an atom, is to imagine the universe itself. Not because the universe exists solely within an atom, but because the atom takes the form that is shared by the universe. In the image of the whole, is the image of its fundamental components. This holds as true to the shape and motion of the universe to an atom as it does to the shape of your D.N.A or the form of your bodily energies.
    You measure the movement of the universe and you call it growth. There is a principle currently understood as the “Hubble constant” Which measures the movement of the cosmos, stating that the universe is isostatic and in a constant state of expansion. However, as you understand it, outside of the universe is nothingness. This leaves no basis to measure against. So you measure the movement against your own position or the position of another heavenly body because you cannot measure it from the outside without any basis for comparison. Yet you know that your position is relative and could even be called illusory.
    The sphere that is the universe… has changed, does change, is defined by change, but that change is constant because the isostatic state, as you define it, is one of motion. It moves at all times in much the way that an atom moves. The components that comprise the universe, are in perpetual motion, and as they circle the binding element that is its center, all measurement from within is relative to the motion of all other components.
    That is simple enough, but there are effects that make the understanding of this more complex for the human mind to absorb. To the human experience, the effect of movement in space is equal to the perception of time. Time is how you view the world around you. It is the restraint you place on your view of the cosmos. You treat time like it is a thing. I tell you now, time is not real. Time is the byproduct of your perception. Unlike the natural forces of gravity, of energy, or of coalescence of mass. Time is not real. You believe that because it can be affected by gravity or relativistic perception, that time must be real. You use it as a form of measurement and treat it as a fundamental force. Yet, time is simply perception forced into treatment as a factor within your equations.
    All that exists, has existed and will ever exist. By your perceptions of time it is in fact simultaneous. The past is only passed because you have moved. The future is not some set of circumstances you will create in some yet to be determined state. It is the set of circumstances of a version of you that exists in a separate space within a constant universe at a different position within it right now. Time is your perception of movement, but it is bound only by position in cosmological relativity.
    With that said, there is one place in the universe that does not move along a linear or rotational course. It is the center. It is the nucleus of this great macrocosmic reflection of an atom and in that state, time ceases to hold sway over anything. From that center which binds all of this together, there exists no restraint of time because there is no movement of sizable bodies contained within. By any definition devised by your people, that is eternity.
    For the scientists out there, who understand the affect of natural forces, including gravity, mass, energy and so on, you will have an easier time grasping this when I say that despite the universal consistency and the presence of eternity as well as the illusory perspective of time, there is also to be considered the vibrational frequency of physical matter. You have been trying to solve this for years utilizing models based around math that you do not understand. You know that it works, but you’ve been guessing as to why.
    Many of you may be asking yourselves “but if time only means separation by space, then why can’t I see my past or future with a telescope?” This is why vibrational frequency matters. As most of you know, a large percentage of the physical realm with which you interact each day is in fact defined by empty space. Atoms never truly touch one another. They vibrate, and their energies interact with responses that give us the sensation of solidity and touch. However, the space in between these atoms takes up more of the physical world than the atoms themselves. In fact, during this vibration, atoms regularly disappear from the observable world only to reappear moments later. Sometimes a singular atom can move back and forth between space so fast that technically by all discernable definition it manages to exist in 2 places at once. That is because in truth it does.
    The entire universe does this perpetually. The reason you cannot see your past, is because it no longer occupies the same vibrational frequency as your present. It exists as all moments, past present or future, in its defined state within a dimension which has blinked itself out of your frequency as you continue to travel through the cosmos like the electrons around an atom. In fact, what you perceive as the flow of time or the directional arrow of times movement is merely your interaction with another moment of multidimensional timespace as you temporarily harmonize to interact.
    Every permutation of action or event that could happen has happened, is happening, does exist. You have posited as much within your concept of parallel dimensions. The flaw in this is that while each variation does exist, this does not mean that each timeline contains copies of one another up until the point of divergence. It is not a series of timelines laid out in parallels but a series of interacting points in motion. If forcefully viewed as a 2-dimensional timeline these alternate universes as you call them, would appear more as a singular line that splits and branches into an infinite number of ever growing lines in all directions. However, at the maximum effect of permutations these lines begin to merge into one another at an equally exponential rate to their original divergence until inevitably collapsing back into another singular “line”.
    As you can see, even in this analogy the universe once again takes the form of a sphere. That is because this is what is happening. This is the state of all things. The only difference is that the “line” is not solid. The line is a series of dots as they are tracked along their paths. The paths are themselves defined by vibrational frequencies of matter and energy within space. The multiversal dimensions of all parallels are simply the result of which isolated moments of timespace have bumped into one another while sharing a harmonizing frequency. The layers of dimensional reality not only permeate through one another but are entirely dependent on each other’s existence in order to equalize the stability of the whole.
    The only place free from this collectively dependent system is the nucleus itself.
    That is the structure. All the universe in all permutations, exists simultaneously, revolving around a singular eternal space, and the only parts of it that you can visibly observe are those that are currently in equal vibration or harmony with your own.
    Also, it may help you to understand that the mathematics of the universe does not work on your 5 and 10 based system. Our system breaks down into 3’s and 7’s. That may not make much sense to you but if you adjusted your models accordingly then you will be able to find the answers with a greater degree of ease and accuracy.
    The Divine
    So how does that structure account for anything? This is a spiritual text after all. I won’t delay the response. It matters because that big ball of everything that you call the universe, also by default contains every single amount of energy, that has or will ever exist. These things matter because at the center of that which is without time and beyond most people’s understanding, those forces along with all strong forces of the universe, manage to do something miraculous.
    First you must understand the nature of one particular type of energy.
    it is hard for your science to understand this currently but consciousness is simply energy that holds its own pattern. You like to look at the brain and try to decipher how the structure might be the cause for consciousness because you see the structure as determinate of the movement of energy within, but then you watch the brain change and you realize that it is the movement of energy which is determining the growth and patterns to the structure.
    Even after damage, the consciousness of a person can still remain despite the physical trauma to the physical mechanisms which allow their body to translate it outwardly. This stupefies you because try as you might, you do not understand where consciousness originates or why after a brain has shut down, you cannot simply revive an individual by applying equal amounts of energy back to the physical structure that was the seat of their mind.
    It is because consciousness was never about the brain. The brain was simply a housing element for a form of energy which is self-determining. That which you call consciousness is that which is also called the soul, and that relates to energy and momentum, not to the common understandings of mass and matter. The law of conservation of energy applies here but the soul has its own determining memory and will, which means that it is able to travel while retaining the patterns of its definition.
    As influenced by the strong forces at the center of the universe, this energy has little choice after release from its physical attachment but to be pulled toward the center itself. There, in the combination of all souls within a place that is devoid of cosmic rotation, these trillions and trillions of conscious energy patterns form a composite consciousness by comprising themselves into an all engrossing unity. This unity is the mind of God, and the universe surrounding it is the body.
    That is the nature of what you refer to as God. Everything, all of it. This includes you, this includes your neighbors, all planets, all life, all energy. To use the most appropriate analogy of approximation would be to say that you are but a molecule of a singular cell in the body of God, but your soul itself is a part of his neural network.
    You, in your existence outside of the nucleus formation are a part of God in the same way that a molecule is a part of a body. So is the moon. So are the trees, the grass, the water and so on. However, once your soul exists within the mind of God, its pattern has become a part of that as well, and due to the nature of the universes permeate dependency as well as the nonexistence of time, the energy that entered the nucleus is both stored as a pattern and radiated back outward, projecting that which is you into existence in the first place.
    That is how it exists. That is what it is made of…
    The sentient nature of God is literally the culmination of all consciousness in the universe. It is the great unity and mystery of every single thing that anyone has ever known, thought, felt or experienced in memory, imagination, emotion or intuition, but it is outside of time, existing both before you were created and after your body has died because it is not bound by the same cosmological movements of the body. In fact those very movements, being a part of the body of God, are directly determined by its will, and the will, having control over the body, has control over every force within it from the micro to the macro. He is a closed loop, a self-sustaining system, beginning and end as well as all in between.
    I will refer to God as he for the sake of simple context. In truth God is genderless because God is all. The language in which I write this does not provide any more appropriate pronoun and therefore “He” is little more than the default term. This should be understood and therefore is being stated in no indirect terms.
    To summarize, you were created because you are a part of his consciousness. You experience your life because your life is a part of Gods memory even before you exist and though you currently live, your consciousness holds connection to that of God because it is already a part of it. In this way, you are in his image as he is in yours. He is in you as you are in him.
    Now if you cannot understand why God cares about you or anyone else, then you need only to question why should you care about a defining part of yourself? Would you not if given the opportunity, protect yourself as a child? Educate them? Provide for them? Assure that they either became you, or became some better version of you? That is what is God is doing. He is in the constant state of birthing, raising, and caring for himself.
    Other Lifeforms
    As I inferred early on, I am not human in the strictest sense… at least not that which defines my consciousness.
    My people are also a part of the body of God. We like many others having advanced enough in our culture to understand these truths and begin earnestly communicating with the divine, have reason to protect the nucleus itself as well as any other mission that God might give us.
    Your planet is not the only one to support sentient life. You’re not yet considered mature in the eyes of the other species who experience time as you do. Many of our planets have been gone longer than yours has even existed. There are other species out there who are at similar places to yourselves. Some are a bit more advanced, others a few millennia behind. You aren’t alone. There are cultures that fit some of your wilder imaginings as well as others who you simply will not comprehend for many eons, but you are separated by timespace in degrees that isolate you from one another for very specific reason. The “Fermi Paradox” as you call it, is intentional and with purpose.
    I’ll be explaining the afterlife to you later but for now the thing you need to know is that what you call aliens and what you call Angels or Demigods are among term which could be used to describe me as I am. This does not mean that aliens are Gods or that Angels should be worshipped.
    We are often the same thing. Many aliens have become what you would call “Angels” or “Divas” Others which you have called gods and goddesses. Your words like these, even the ones that we gave you, are not the name of a singular species. It is a title of responsibility that many species have taken on as our jobs in service of the divine. With very few exceptions specific to particular divisions, you should not expect us to all look or behave alike.
    Those of non-earth origin who have contacted you have been of many forms because we have come from many different worlds older than your own and we have done so for the most part in an attempt to protect or to guide you toward what you are destined to become. You have seen us, you have interacted with us. You have written about us, and yet you have not understood us as well as we know you are capable of, simply because until this point in your culture you could not understand by any context the nature and connectivity between the physical elements of the cosmos within the spiritual definitions of what we have communicated. Some individuals who have become teachers of your peoples have been able to understand, but as a race, you have been ill prepared to accept the truth in its basic form.
    Most of us are old. We were around to see the first of you walk upright. As servants we exist on the edges of the universal nucleus (which henceforth I shall simply refer to as the nexus; but you may feel free to substitute with your own name. Some but not all of these are heaven, Asgard, Tir’ Na Nog, Olympus, Annwn, Eden or the Summerlands). We act as specialized cells to the body of God, carriers, nerves, antibodies and so forth. We are not bound by your limitations because of this and have been able to move freely between dimensions, and timespace that we may appear to you in different forms throughout your perception of time.
    A Brief History
    It isn’t common for entire species a their most enlightened state to choose collectively to become servants to the divine. To us the spirit and nature of that which you call God is mere fact. It is not superstitious in nature nor is it unscientific that we may communicate with him or enter his place of being.
    Most “angels” or lesser “divinities” have very specific reasons for that choice. Before I broach many topics to come, there are things that I must relate in order for you to understand. So far, this text has simply been a list of ideas and facts with no particular narrative relating to death, afterlife, good, evil, or any personal account, but these next pieces are necessary in order to continue.
    I have seen many retellings of these events through the eyes of your peoples. You will find the history familiar in places, while others may not. Depending on the culture that you have grown in or the studies you have pursued, each of you may be more acquainted with one aspect than someone else is to another.
    In order to speak freely of this, I have to speak from a personal account and there is no way to avoid the conclusions of my identity as it relates to your previous knowledge. Therefore, as a disclaimer, I apologize in advance for any disillusionment you may have in my nature.
    As stated previously, outside of the universe there is nothingness.
    It is not space. It is not matter. It is not energy. It is the absence of all things. Just as darkness exists by the absence of light. It exists as the absence of life.
    For this reason, I shall refer to it simply as the Darkness. It is the antithesis of being. It is not benign. It moves and exists as a force all its own, eradicating life and consuming it into itself. It pushes against the universe as the enemy of all which is the divine. It moves as a void and with a will that is not understood even by us in service of your protection from it. Before any of us had chosen to become servants of God, many worlds were consumed by this force. It erased them from the fabric of reality, including all life and consciousness that they held.
    The place where my people originated was one of these worlds. It was the first to be taken. Some, very few, saw this destruction and escaped into the place which we had come to understand as the nexus. My mother was among them. She was the only survivor of our world.
    Several species suffered similar fates and were able to escape. In the relative safety of the nexus, they swore allegiance to life and the divine consciousness that sustains it, and thus the first of the lesser divinities came to be.
    I was born to my mother, along with my siblings amid this haven. We are similar to you in many ways, but not in all. Our biology is visibly different and our minds even more so. Our race is called the same as our home once was, but your people have used many words to name us as you saw fit. Only one populace ever wrote the names which we spoke to them in the tongue which we used. I would be tempted to disclose this for the sake of my personal preference, but I feel it would cause no true good within you simply by knowing.
    By your stories, our home has become represented as many things. The most persisting elements that you have retained are symbolized by darkness and by the forging of “weapons of the Gods”.
    This is not coincidence, for as many chose to serve the will of the divine, my brothers and I became the first soldiers in an ongoing war with the Dark.
    I come from the place without time. Mythologically or spiritually speaking, as mentioned, you have given it many names but to me it is simply home. No name can change that meaning.
    My mother was from one world. My father was from another. He had chosen to serve and he too was one of the first. They have been called gods by your people. As messengers of the divine and enactors of its will they are often mistaken for God itself. The forms in which they have appeared to you have become part of your religions and myths in much the same way as my brothers or my own.
    My mother had other lovers aside from my father and she had other children, each having chosen their own path.
    Three of us were born as what you call triplets. In addition, we had 3 younger brothers of identical lineage but different in age as well as an elder to us who is technically as you would say a half-brother.
    Out of the 7 of us, the 6 younger, as full siblings did become what I would call “guardians”. Our older half-brother, bearing a more complex yet limiting biological form, became a mentor. We trained under the guidance of a teacher that lived in the nexus with us.
    This teacher was my mother’s friend, and the oldest individual soul in the universe. She was the first life that God had created and as such, considered by many to be a goddess or even referred to by some, including myself, as his sister.
    Your legends call her a goddess of death, an Angel of death, and even a “Valkyrie”. Her job as the first, was to collect the souls of others as their mortal lives came to a close, and to bring them to the nexus in order to prepare them for what came next. She was the wisest, strongest and fiercest individual soul I have ever known. She trained us from the time we were children unto the time that we were ready to become protectors… and I loved her.
    There is nothing within the nexus that you would recognize as technology. Our weapons are as blades and arrows. Our homes are as simple domiciles made from earth and stone. Yet in the city which is the model for all that you will one day achieve, there are constructs of energy and form which you have dreamt within the futures that you imagine for yourselves.
    I did not live in the city. I walked no roads nor rode any vehicle that was not of another life. We were trained with sword and arrow, staff and body, hammer and axe because only through extension of ourselves could we combat that which would consume us. Our job was to battle the darkness using the light of our own lives, which was greater than most because we had been born within the nexus.
    We were warriors and peacekeepers for the protection of all life, each respected and honored by our position. Still, the first born of my twins was the best of us. He was brave, strong, intelligent and swifter than a ray of light. I looked up to him. I still do.
    I remember getting the job officially as a guardian. It was the proudest and scariest moment of my life. I had the honor and the responsibility of protecting not just my home, but all worlds, and I had the privilege to do so alongside my family. I repeat these things because they are imperative for you to understand. We lived like any other beings in the cosmos. We laughed. We loved. We married, and we had children, but we were soldiers. We were born to be soldiers. We were the weapons of God and we were honored to be counted as such.
    We took orders from the elders who had come from other worlds, elders like my mother, my father and my teacher, but we were our own. Every time that we were sent to the place where the darkness had reached, every time that we ventured to the edges of the universe, we fought to gain back what had been lost. We never knew our mothers home, but we counted ourselves as its people and we tried to recover it more than once, not understanding that it was truly gone.
    The longer we fought the more we all understood. Our world, along with all others which had been taken were no more. The darkness had not simply covered or hidden them from view. They had been erased. So we fought for the worlds of others. We fought to hold the edges of existence wherever the darkness threatened to invade. There were losses. There were worlds that we could not protect but we saved as many as we could. In the end the refugees were divided among the nine remaining worlds but from their experiences and desire to serve, more “Angels” joined us at home.
    The home I remember was always bustling with minuscule species nearby with mom, aquatic ones in their city off the coast, the great winged one below the library, dad in the woods near the mountains. We all had jobs and we all had lives. Though I am not there now, I know this to still be the case. I’ve visited many times through this life… I visited until it became to painful to leave and because of that, I stopped. I return home now only when it is in service of another where I know that my return is necessary for their sake, because if I were to go without this motive, I would not come back to this place again.
    Life, Death and the Afterlife
    The nexus was and is the terminal between worlds. Its characteristics are defined by the comfort and necessities of its inhabitants. The physical embodiment of it is like an island, suspended in a great mist. Though it exists within the nexus, its frequency separates it from all other incarnations of matter in the multiversal structure. It is a manifestation of the common traits held by worlds across the multiverse. All environments and cultures find representation familiar to them because all of the universe is modeled from its form. I myself lived in a small cottage at the edge of a valley field. There was a stream that ran through the nearby woods, and a grove where I often spoke to God. The woods across the mountain belonged to my father, and the woods nearby the spring were my mothers dwelling.
    Your eyes would not see my home the way that mine did… different biological structures meant that that I could see the ultraviolet spectrum in a way that humans do not. These are not exactly relevant, but I have a hard time not talking about it once I start. I miss home. I want at every moment of every day to be there more than anything else, and that is why, what I am soon to describe is so necessary.
    We all have a home where we belong. When a soul’s physical body dies. The soul does not vanish. Your consciousness, being a form of energy, able to move between wavelengths of dimension and timespace remains intact but detached from the physical realms. You are drawn to the nexus and you are brought back to the form which your energy finds most comforting. You do not come to simply join with God, for you existed within him before your physical creation. You come, so that you may decide as an individual what you would like to do next. Some stay. Some return to new bodies. Some return to the cities of their own worlds that exist within the same wavelength as their new spiritual bodies, which exist apart from the physical entanglement of the life death cycle. Others wish to simply exist as pure energy for a time while they travel and observe.
    That which you call ghosts are spirits who for reasons of their own, were not ready to return home or to leave the place where they had lived. They do not remember the truth of where they are going. They have not yet rejoined with their former memories and therefore they do not know what they do by resisting the draw toward the source. In fear of what they leave behind, they attach themselves to physical forms and places so that they may resist the draw that would otherwise pull them in natural order back to nexus itself. That is why their memories fragment over time. The action of holding on, is an agitated state that expends energy, and the longer that a spirit remains attached to a form not designed for its purpose, the more damage is done to the patterns of that energy which comprise its very self. They may draw new energy from their surroundings or even the individuals nearby, but in the effort, they inevitability will lose their sense of identity and begin to cause harm. Those that hold on the longest are able to do so because they attach themselves to something with which they resonated strongly with during life.
    Release from this state is a kindness that may be given by either changing the physical makeup of that to which they are bound on a molecular level, or by interfering with the ability for them to retain the bonds of attachment to this world. Still if done improperly, an agitated soul who wishes to stay, will grab onto whatever form allows it to resist the pull of home. Finding the reason for their attachment and releasing them from the desire to remain is the only assured way of releasing them in peace. Some of you are gifted with the ability to do this by either a perception keenly shared with the frequencies of spirit form or a body which is attuned to allow for temporary occupancy by souls other than your own. You should not turn from your purpose in ignorance but learn how it is properly used and controlled. Those who are not charged with this however should understand that there is potentially great risk involved to you. There are rules and there are methods to be followed. Ignorance of them can bring hazardous results into your life. Even one who holds these gifts may suffer greatly if they do not learn how to use them.
    The nexus provides a place of temporary reprieve where souls collect themselves and move on. It is not home to everyone, only the few without worlds of their own or those of us born there. Still, as I said, all souls have a home where they belong. All souls long to be home whether in conscious recognition or not. This is why among the chief responsibilities of those who work and live within the nexus, the most common job for the largest number is to record the memories of those who arrive, help them find their next path, and to store those memories for their spirit before they are born into a new body.
    The birth death cycle is a lot like a school. Every life is a series of lessons. You pick your classes. You pick your teachers. You decide on your tests, at what points you may choose to drop out early or what may be the requirements for your lessons completion. (death) You sign up with friends and you ask family to tutor you along the way. You plan what you want to happen, but you leave room for choices. With every new life, you complete another term. You take time off in between and you reconnect with old acquaintances that you forgot all about while you were at school. You do this until you “graduate”.
    When you fail a lesson, you repeat the grade. It isn’t actually complicated. It’s just that every term feels like its your first term. Every term feels like it is your only term. To most of you, every life feels like it is your only life. You don’t remember home because you would be homesick. You don’t remember past traumas because they would haunt you and make it harder to focus on your studies. You don’t remember that the tests can be retaken or that there are makeup days because you want to take it seriously. You don’t just want a degree. You want the education and the experience.
    Another reason that it is imperative that you not remember the former lessons is that they are not necessarily taken according to the human perception of times arrow. It would be ill suiting for you to be born into the past with complete knowledge of the future unless you had chosen to be a prophet. Otherwise you might simply believe yourself mad. Alternately the more likely of results is that others would believe you mad and you would suffer for it. The most learned of souls are not always yet to come but those who after completion of their lessons returned to human form in some time prior to their last lives so that they might impart what they have learned to others. A teacher of peace within the history of earth may be alive in the present or the future at a state not yet equal to their status as a teacher, which can often lead to the condition where the words of a childhood lesson that you took to heart could very well be the words that you spoke to yourself from across the divide of lifetimes only after learning them from those very words.
    This is because every soul, every one of us… is working on becoming the best version of yourself, so that the consciousness, living ever present inside of God, is assured to be the strongest, best, most loving, understanding and capable version that we would consider deserving of our highest love. The unity that is God is what we do all of this for, because we are a part of that unity. It created us. It protects us. It is us. All of us together.
    The higher you rise in grade, the more advanced the lessons become. Sometimes you need to remember the past in order to live the best present. Sometimes you have to know the scope of things in order to become someone else’s teacher. There are people born into your life who will be awful to you, simply because that was the job you asked of them. There are people in your life who you will lose in the most unfair of ways, because that is what you needed to experience to feel the emotions that would lead to the life choice that would teach you the lesson that you signed up for. YOU may do terrible things in one life and then do wonderful ones in the next to make up for it, and to be honest, remembering all of that is not easy.
    It is true that the higher your state rises the more control you have over your perception of the world because the harder it becomes to keep your memories from bleeding through. When part of you remembers what it was like to exist as pure energy or to create a facet of reality purely out of will, then you know that you aren’t bound by the physical. You’re able to change things because you know that it is possible. You remember why faith is important, how reality is subjective and how trivial the material world actually seems by comparison to the scope of reality itself. That’s why I’m writing this the way that I am, because those of you who are already there, are just waiting on the reminder to what you knew before you arrived.
    Somewhere out there as I write this, is a great teacher that I have known through multiple lives and yet he is awaiting these words to awaken him to his purpose. I do not know what body he takes in this life or if the word “he” is even appropriate, but I know that after this life he will be born into a later incarnation at an earlier time in history and that is how I met him long ago. Still, in that incarnation I know that the words he writes, have by this time, in this place, affected the lives of millions as well as the course of history.
    We do not restrict our assistance to one path or to one understanding. All paths are lessons and I will readily help someone from any path, be it religious, spiritual, secular or scientific, so long as I know that it is the path they are intended to be on. I would never discourage anyone for their belief so long as it is not harming others or filled with darkness. So long as their path is on a way of light, then I commend them on their journey and offer my help however I can… Sometimes this means reinforcing someone’s beliefs despite their contradictory status to reality. It’s where they need to be and what they need to believe, so I help them on their path.
    I will return to some of the finer points of this later, but for now, I need to resume my story.
    The Turning Point
    In the nexus, before I ever met a human being, I continued my life. I had married as it had been arranged, to the daughter of 2 elders from another dimensional space. I married because her parents had sought alliance with my family’s position. We had children. Our children became guardians as well. Our ranks numbers had grown until 6 had become 13.
    This was all relatively speaking a long time, in your perspective, before humanity was even a thought to any one of us. Earth was basically a giant nature preserve. There were no people. It was all newly created, but we were also outside of time, so when we looked out, we saw the universe in all directions…
    Humanity existed in some form in the future, the past, the fabric of existence, but to us you were a mystery. None of you had joined us at home. From where we were, you hadn’t come yet. You were just an idea.
    The birth of your species was a confusing occurrence.
    Originally the Darkness that we fought didn’t have form. It was void, like a wave that sucked the life from a world, or a trickle of water that poisons a well; but at the point during the war, when it turned its gaze toward earth, at the birth of humanity… Something about it began to change. It no longer moved like the vastness of emptiness beyond the universe. It had begun to work its way inward through tendrils and cracks. Pockets of its nothingness crept their way between the spaces of realities. There was no front line to defend at the edges of existence anymore because it had found its way inward.
    Then… my little brother was gone.
    We didn’t even know that we could die. The darkness that we were fighting had begun moving like a storm and it just swallowed him. It erased him from the universe. There was no next life. There was no transition of death. He was just gone… forever, existent only in the memory of our spirits and in the memory of God. He exists remaining in God, but no longer as himself.
    The storms kept coming closer to home, but we held the line. Despite all of our limitations, whatever love we had for family and friend, we held our responsibility higher.
    I’ll never forget those storms coming over the mountains. Fighting back that darkness has long defined who I am. It’s how I define being a guardian but the pain of losing him stays fresh in me to this day.
    Subsequently, our orders changed. We were pulled back from every other front and told to guard the new race above all else. You, the first humans, become the focus of everything. We were serving without question but all of a sudden, the divine had decided that everyone else had to be left defenseless because of the new species, on the new planet. We didn’t know why.
    My mother was angry, but she didn’t say anything. My father, on the opposing side of things, became very protective of you. They fought a lot. She had come to disagree with the decision but due to her standing as one of the last of our kind and as an Elder, she was offered continued protection and sanctuary.
    After the death of our younger sibling, my oldest brother, our leader, pleaded with God to recreate him from the only remaining part of his existence. My brother believed that God could have made him anew from the soul that existed within himself, but he would not. The truth is that he could not. The soul within him had a beginning and an end. It existed as all others in a completed and whole form of purity. To remake any lost soul from himself would be to remake both himself and the universe as one but as his soul had been consumed by darkness as well as taken into his self, to remake him would be to give the darkness a body by which it could permanently enter the nexus and destroy all life. He promised that in the end, we would understand.
    My brother in his anguish saw this as a choice. God asked us to protect you, but he would not give us our brother… and so he refused to leave the other worlds unprotected. He refused to follow the order to protect Earth over them. That had never happened before. No one had ever been punished because no one had ever disobeyed but turmoil had come into him and he threatened the balance of necessity that sustained all life.
    He had watched our little brother die for a race that we knew nothing about and I understand why he was upset. I sympathize with him. He is my brother and I love him but, for his refusal to follow orders, he was banished from home, stricken form his body, and forced into exile as an untethered soul.
    When he was locked out, I became the leader and as part of my new position, It was my duty to enforce the banishment. I had to keep him from returning. He was my brother, my twin, my leader who I respected, and now I had to keep him from returning home.
    To me, what he did wasn’t wrong. He didn’t attack anyone. He didn’t try to overthrow any power. He simply made a choice to protect what he knew and loved above what he did not. It was emotional. He was angry and hurt but it was not malicious. I feel that he had a right to protest but I also recognize the potential harm that could have resulted from his choice.
    When he was banished, our younger brothers followed him and were equally stripped of form. My other twin stayed by my side, along with our children. Our ranks were split. Our family was divided.
    With 4 of us gone, our number was 9… and it has been ever since.
    After that, the period between my brother’s banishment and my first birth as a human was longer than all of the rest combined. In the nexus we define time by events. It’s the only relevant measurement we have because we don’t have time by your perspective. There are no days and nights, hours, weeks, or years. Which along with our differences in mathematics has much to do with why we often avoid relating messages to you within the context of time.
    However since the nexus became busier and the battles came more often, more souls passing through, more worlds being changed, more humans being created, because of all of that, to everyone else, I was the leader of the 9 for longer than my brother had been. To put it into a comparison by your perspective it would be like the difference between weeks and centuries. So that is what the universe remembers.
    The collective memory recalls a vast time of 9 guardians under my leadership… and my brothers time became little more than a footnote. Meanwhile, his banishment became the defining concept of his identity. The problem for me, is that once, a long time ago, before the job was mine, it had been his and there had been 13. I cannot forget that.
    At first my banished brothers kept trying to fight the Darkness. We tried to help them wherever we could, but we saw the changes as it evolved. In taking our brother, it had gained something. It was still the antithesis of life but it now behaved like it was alive. It mirrored the mechanics of a lifeforce almost as if it were mirroring God. It started taking possession of people. It started hollowing the living souls from their bodies slowly and controlling them, eating away at lives bit by bit until love turned into twisted concepts of hate and thirst for knowledge turned to prideful ignorance… it changed everything. It was the beginning of worldly evil. Just as the spirits of all life become one with God, the spirits of all consumed by darkness become one with it.
    Dark spirits and beings that had never been were “born” into creation and my brother, the banished guardian who had refused an order to place your value above all others, continued to fight them. He fought them for everyone’s sake in spite of how he felt about humanity. He protected you the same way as everyone else that he could. He did it until he couldn’t do it anymore because the more he saw of the darkness’s new power, the more he understood Gods reasons, but he blamed you. He’d been fighting the darkness for so long and it affected him.
    Before your manifestation in the physical realm the darkness had been kept at the edges of everything. He looked at your birth as the reason that it had changed, the reason it had taken our brother and the reason that we were losing the fight against it. All he had to do was let it through to your world and it would erase you. All he had to do, was nothing. So, he did… for a singular moment, he and our younger brothers stopped fighting. The darkness snaked its way into your world and bit into you, twisting your souls into divisions of light and dark unlike any species that had come before.
    It didn’t erase you at all. It crawled inside of you and corrupted you. It infected you with violence, greed, pride, hatred, and all manner of what you know as evil, but you weren’t consumed.
    That’s when we all discovered why you mattered so much. You had the ability to withstand it. Your souls were resilient to it. Your birth had brought us the first concept of evil… but your existence was the key to stopping it. Protecting you wasn’t because God loved you more. It was because you were the key to a cure that had existed within him from the start. You were the reason that it could not destroy us all. Your ability to fight the Darkness even as it occupied your world, stood as proof that you were instrumental to its defeat because you allowed for a state of balance that could keep it at bay long enough for us to keep fighting. By protecting you, we are protecting the growth of a vaccine that will save us all…
    A willful Descent
    One act was all it took, my brother let the darkness touch you and for the rest of time, you couldn’t tell the difference between it and him. To you, he is the father of darkness and source of all your woes and evil in the world, but he is still my brother. He always will be.
    That’s why my wife left. She needed to understand the cause for humanity’s protection and how you could hold off the dark. She needed to know why we had lost so much and exactly what you were. So she chose to begin the birth death cycle from the perspective of one of you, bound by your linear view of time and to live with your capacity to withstand the dark.
    I stayed home for a while more. The fight had stabilized. I took some assignments that put me in direct contact with you at different eras in your time. Our job now entailed the regular interaction with and protection of your race. I visited different parts of your world and I grew to love your people, but I did not understand you.
    When I was given an order to carry out against a large number of you, I wanted to refuse, but my brother stopped me.
    He was banished from home. He had no physical body. He had no life or family to comfort him, but he had chosen to stay on your world and serve a purpose. He had lived now for thousands of your years, according to your laws of time and he understood more than we could. You hated him. You vilified him. You blamed him for your suffering and he accepted that. He used that as a means to save you from yourselves.
    Such a large part of our new job had become to act as messengers to you but he took our messages that we had given to you and he inserted himself into your thoughts as exactly what you feared him to be. He used deception and manipulation to make himself into your concept of the embodiment of the darkness that we all wished to combat. By giving you an adversary and giving you a form on which to focus your own fight… he assured that you would fight. In every culture around your world, he crafted a devil whose traits were that of the darkness that now lived within you and in every place he did so, he turned that devil into the enemy, making the darkness itself into the enemy of man without you ever knowing that the soul you blamed, was in fact the soul of a leader waging a hopeless battle, using soldiers who cursed his very name.
    My other brothers who had followed him each chose their own paths, eventually being allowed birth among you as humans themselves. Not my older twin though. He served in his own way and he assisted us with his wisdom even when we could not understand it.
    This is what my brother did for you… he would not let me disobey an order.
    He is a manipulative deceiver and I would advise you to be skeptical of him always but that is only because he will always use any means necessary to win this fight, even if it causes you more pain and suffering in the process, because pain is the teacher of great lessons and suffering of self is a motivating cause to the protection of others.
    He believes that the ends justify the means and he has even manipulated me on numerous occasions, but he does not lie. The lie is the falsehood of the conclusion that he will allow you to draw for yourself. He convinced me to become one of you this way. That was how me made sure that I didn’t make the same mistake he had. Before I refused the mission, he knew that I should live in the world. Then when I had finished, and I had a greater understanding of the mission’s necessity, I could return and choose afterward.
    I do know now that it is a necessity. The mission itself seems cruel and it will forever be misinterpreted, but it had to happen. Those that I must end, were already consumed in dark and would only have spread its reach over others. I had to see it in the past from a human perspective to understand why I have to go thru with it in my future. Begrudgingly I admit that he was right, but that’s not how he convinced me to come here.
    He convinced me to come here, by asking me how my wife was doing. He made me miss her so much that I willingly chose to enter into a birth death cycle just to find her. That is how he works. He is aggravatingly deceptive, yet effective. He is a trickster but not a liar.
    So, I became the first standing and active guardian to become human.
    The rule was that no more than 4 guardians could ever be born into another life at one time. There had to always be six at home.
    From this point, I could relate my story life after life as one of you. I could talk about my growth, my experiences, lineages, struggles, and lessons… But that is not what is important. You do not need to know those things just as you do not need to know who I am right now. I live as one of you. This is the last life in my cycle. I go to work. I cook my meals. I love my family. I live a normal human life. I don’t seek fame. I don’t seek recognition and I don’t go around telling people who I am.
    I looked for my wife for one lifetime after another, never remembering who I was. Never knowing about life before or the other side… purely human, simple, scared and inexorably flawed.
    I have done terrible things. I have been through hard times, loves, losses, blessings and curses that have carried from one life to the next. I lost my wife to the darkness that grew inside her as a human and it was only after all of these experiences, life after life that I had grown enough to regain my memory. It took my original teacher to restore it, not by telling me, but by my recognition of her.
    That’s only the start of what can happen here and only a portion of what I have learned as one of you.
    Further Intricacies of Spirit
    I tell you my story because it is the clearest way for me to give you context. There are so many ways in which the world around you is different from what you have understood. I am not a guru. I am not some brilliant physician who is utilizing the symbolism of religious texts to explain the inner structures of the body through the spiritual. Those people are out there, and they are doing that already. If you seek you can find. If you study, then you can see for yourself. These things are not secrets. These are separate lessons that have been understood and passed down by other teachers for millennia.
    The combination of soul and body is filled with potentials that are buried within the worlds primary religions. Despite being concealed and occasionally hard to recognize, they are still present. There are truths within texts that you do not see and there are teachings of truth in places where few dare to look but all of it is present within the wholeness of the puzzle.
    What I am going to address is more basic than that and it is fundamental to your understanding of the way this works.
    Every physical body is constructed to house its specific inhabitant. These fleshy and fragile vehicles you steer around the world were all custom built. This takes time. This takes planning. If a soul occupies a body that was not intended to house it, then the body begins to break down. This happens with possession. This happens with attachments. This happens when your soul refuses to grow as it was meant to. The body is imprinted to operate for the soul it was made for.
    This isn’t simply about being stitched together in the womb. This entails your entire genetic structure, which means that your entire lineage had to be planned for you to arrive in your body, with your soul at the time that was written upon your initial creation into the universe.
    A body that is meant to house a higher consciousness, is custom built to allow for the way that consciousness will experience the world. This means that everything from the brain structure, to the nutritional requirements, to the hormonal balances, are specific to the needs of the individual soul. You are not your body, but your body is undeniably, unmistakably yours.
    If the soul undergoes a change that demands new requirements of the body, such as awakening or accelerating from its originally planned path, then the body will undergo changes in order to accommodate the new requirement. This can be painful. It can be jarring. It can be confusing, but such is the connectivity between the inhabitant and its housing.
    Moving even deeper than this, there is the matter of non-human souls, such as myself, who take human form. The human body would reject us in our full being. It burns out. The life has a maximum number of years and then it is finished. It cannot sustain the energy, nor the thoughts without special accommodation. The solution to this is 2-fold. Firstly, a human body requires a human soul. So, we are partnered. The body is constructed to house a human soul, as it partners with one of us. 2 souls, one body.
    Secondly, our souls only partially complete the transition between the nexus and earthly life. We exist in both by vibrating at such a level that the connection between our soul and the body is controlled remotely; 2 souls, operating 1 body, as 1 being. This connection can only be established by the temporary death of the body at some point in life.
    These individuals are singular and yet not. Sometimes this can lead to conflict. Both souls are autonomous beings after all and the being of the body inhabited is defined by 2 separate internal voices which may be in disagreement from time to time. However, the connection between both states of being allows for uncommon communication between one state and the other. These are your mystics, sages, shamans, and teachers who are able to cross at will that which separates the land of the living from the lands of the higher life.
    Rarer still, the condition of such a partnership can lead to something far greater. If the two souls in question should recognize one another, knowing their condition, yet feeling that they would be incomplete if separated, then the involved souls can merge in permanence, creating a new being that is composited from what was formerly 2. This process births a new soul which requires greater bodily accommodation and these individuals can often be noted for their supernatural abilities in physical manifestation of inhuman feats.
    There is still another even higher form which will be addressed within the later sections, but this must be understood first.
    Before moving into the discussion of said higher form, I would like to also address the lower.
    Human beings often question great suffering. How could a life with no grace or merciful happiness ever be justified? How could a person who dies having accomplished nothing or having been afforded no opportunities, be considered purpose driven? What of those who appear dead inside? Is this always the case of a soul who has agreed to live this way simply to teach a lesson? Could their potential not be better utilized as a teacher to many?
    The truth of this is not to be saddened by. Not all bodies, were made to house a soul throughout a life. There are people in the world who are little more than biological automatons without free will, independent thought or indeed true life. They are controlled remotely, and their purposes are purely physical. These are used to carry genetic material, to incite an incident, to await inhabitance by a temporary resident, or to move on order from the divine intention without need for a being of life to waste their energies thru these tasks. They also serve as decoy vessels for the darkness which would otherwise attach itself to and overtake the healthy soul of someone near their placement.
    You will not often know these for what they are, but if you do, then do not take advantage. Allow them to carry out their purpose and do not expose them nor interfere with their duties. Most of them will die by their own hand thru substance or folly when their time is complete, but they may also be the vessel in which a guide carries out a singular heroic action or passes on a crucial piece of knowledge. Do not interfere.
    I tell you that they exist because they do. You should not presume but occasionally take comfort in this, that not all senselessness in the world is at the expense of another soul, nor is it ever truly senseless in its occurrence.
    Beyond this, there are still others who will never reach the unity that is the oneness of the divine. They are those who do not raise their consciousness or learn their lessons. Despite humanity’s resistance to the darkness, it requires an effort to defeat. For those that never come to an understanding and never seek within so that they may form or strengthen a personal relationship with God, their souls ultimately succumb to the darkness and they are consumed in completion, becoming a part of its own twisted reflection of the unity. They do not suffer for they do not exist within it as souls continue to exist within the God.
    They become nothingness, and therefore are neither aware, alive or in torment. Like my brother who was consumed, they will forever exist in the unity up to the point of in which they are consumed but from then forward all that was them has ceased. They have ended and are no more. They will never return home and rather than eternal peace they have concluded in only destruction. In this way, though they exist in one space or even through many lives, these individuals have neither past nor future. They are lost. Their consciousness will remain only in the memory of that which is the mind of God of those they touched, though all else that was them is forever eradicated from the universe through their choices and failings.
    Soul Mates
    Oh what a popular subject. That is not a judgement of anything wrong. It is suiting. Love is the greatest and most beneficial expenditure of energy any living being can utilize or conduct. Love is in fact the essence of life itself and the bonding of souls through connectivity of love is no less than a taste of home within life.
    The problem is that within much of the world, the word love refers to specifically romantic intention, and the term soul mates is used in reference near exclusively with romantic partnership. This simply is not the case. Love while entirely real and vital, is not bound by the societal applications of what you call romance. Love is simply the recognition of commonality between the energy of one and that of another. The closer one approaches to the higher form and thus their united state, the more capable they become of recognizing these commonalities between others.
    A higher spirit will know that all spirits are as one and will love his neighbor as himself as part of the mind and body of God. This applies to but is not the same as what constitutes the meaning of a soulmate.
    A soul mate is no less nor more than a soul who exists as an equal partner to your own. It is a permanent binding that is only broken by the irreversible change of one or more of the partnership. When in this life, my original wife from the true life succumbed to the darkness, that part of me which was made of the non-human soul, lost a soulmate. When the two souls which comprised my existence as this human being were merged and joined into a new composited soul for the rest of time, that which was human, lost its soulmate. However, by the birth of this new entity which I have become, another being was given their soulmate for the first time.
    All of these things are predestined and predetermined. For though I was betrothed and married to one soulmate for the purpose of our family’s partnership, I had always loved and longed to be with another who I could not be equal to while within the form that I was. Yet now in this new form, with the grace of the human soul which has become a part of me, I am matched and partnered with the love that I held before all others and it was my recognition of her within her earthly form that awakened me to myself, allowing me to remember my identity and fulfil the blessed duties to which I am assigned. However if I had not sought to find my original soulmate for so long, then I could have easily forgone much pain and suffering to still arrive at this place, and perhaps she could even have been saved from the darkness itself.
    Sometimes a soul mate is your best friend. Sometimes they are your parent. Sometimes they are simply a person who you work with. The plainness of truth is that your soul mate may not be your spouse in this life or your lover, or some great person to whom you felt an instant bond. You may never even know them in this life because it was not intended for you to be together here, but rather in another life entirely. Your soul mate is simply the partner of equality that relates to your true self as it exists in your original or final state.
    The intricacies of the spirit allow for these bonds to change as necessitated and they are planned far in advance. You can love and live with depth and passion though a dozen lives and yet still not meet your soul mate in human form. You will meet them in the fullness of time and they will be your companion forever more, but do not force this label onto one for whom it is not intended, nor exhaust your time and energies in search of them. Accept that this life is not that life. I had to learn this lesson by loss and rebirth. I offer it to you now so that you do not make the mistakes that I have.
    God on earth
    Yes God has walked among you. He has inhabited the body of a human being and he has imparted wisdom. Yes he was born under miraculous circumstances, died and was resurrected. These are requirements for his very inhabitance of human form. These are not merely what he asks of you to know, these are what is demanded for him to become.
    The occupation of a human body by the consciousness of God requires a specifically designed physical form constructed to hold its presence. To achieve this it demands a level of transmutation, death and resurrection that allows for the presence of 3 soul forms. You call them many things. I will refer to them as the human, the unity and the bridge.
    These forms and this condition are described in language that requires symbolic or analogous representation that can be confusing for many.
    Firstly, the human – Just as any other body born from humanity, this physical housing must be built in detailed specifications for the individual who will occupy its form. It will be born under specific conditions as needed for the transfer of the energies that it must contain. It will be born without memory of its truest self, even if those around it have been informed prior to the birth. The human part of this equation requires a blank human soul. It is essential that this soul begin entirely blank and have no prior consciousness of a separate individual because the presence of divinity can hold no Darkness. This is a human body and human soul which contains the vaccination to the darkness which has been cultivated through the lineage of the highest of human heritage as you were designed to become. There are only 4 who can become this human soul, those that have lived through completion of all human lessons while denied a human body. These are my brothers who were banished and stripped of form while bound to the perception of human time. In these bodies, their souls have been transmuted to human essence and their past transgressions forgiven by their furthermore union with God for all of eternity.
    Secondly, the Unity – The Unity cannot leave its place of residence within the center of all things. It exists as all knowledge, wisdom, experience, imagining and emotion. It is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing, residing forever in the center of the nexus or highest plane, but in the birth of a human vessel it becomes accessible within direct and constant communication to its created avatar self which is both its definition as well as its creation.
    Lastly, the bridge – This is a component of existence unique to the avatar of God. The bridge is the means by which the human and the unity are able to communicate with one another. For most of the human life this will take the form of a spiritual messenger which conveys the knowledge of the unity to the human in direct relation to the requirement of knowledge as it arises. When a question is asked an answer is given. When a message is required, it is conveyed from the mouth of the body. This is the result of what remains of the pure human soul after the death of it’s body. It exists simultaneously between the nexus and the world. It is the apparition of the Human after death and joining with the unity itself. It is the shadow self of the avatar existence.
    Even before and after the death of God’s earthly incarnation, the bridge exists as all life’s messenger between the consciousness of God and the consciousness of the living. The spirit of the 3 fold existence of God, is both our intermediary to God as well as the essence and being of God… and it is within the death of the body that this becomes possible, wherein God is able to finally become all that he is and has been.
    God is born as man, without knowledge of being God, and just like any of us who must experience lessons, trauma and teaching before accessing our memory of true self, it takes God the same time and learning. He too has a group of family and friends who are born alongside him and agree to fulfill the necessities within his life in order to awaken him and prepare him for his path. We who are blessed to be a part of this, do not fulfill the roles of his students, but as his teachers, tempters, parents and family… The spirit of death who must prepare him to die, the first of his servants who must birth him into human form, the highest of his armies who must train him in the combat of darkness, along with many more who hold places along his path.
    It has happened before. It will happen again. How often or within what name is a point of contention that you humans will never agree upon and I do not wish to start any conflict. I am simply stating the facts. Please feel free to read this section as many times as necessary.
    He does this because for you to become of him, he has to become of you. He has to live as you live in order for you to live in him so that he can in turn create you in the first place. His lightness has to embody the form which is the vaccine to the darkness in order for the vaccine to be spread to the unity and therefore find its reflection again in you.
    He also likes to teach. He likes to walk with you and to know you and he likes for you to know him. He wants and needs all of you that do not succumb to the darkness to become a part of him, but he also remembers every feeling and thought you have ever had. He wants you to know that he exists and that he is in you as much as you are in him. His lessons are in the world for you to know. He has told you everything that matters and yet you ignore, reject, distort, misinterpret and on some occasions outwardly attack or purposely hide these lessons. You dispute their source though their source is myriad. Yet all of this is intended for the paths you must take and those you must encounter. It is only for those who are ready to know that they shall be able to know.
    Forces of Practice
    For some of you, the idea of reincarnation is not a part of your beliefs. It contradicts the understanding of what you feel that you know and it stands in opposition to the core of that you hold dear. I have no comfort to offer you in this regard. The repeated life and death cycle is a basic constant of the universe.
    On the average, the cycle of birth and death is based around 7 essential lessons for a human soul. For a higher soul this number is 9. You may think of them as grade levels in school. As mentioned previously, if you fail a grade, then you repeat the necessary lessons until you are able to prove that they have been learned. Sometimes this will mean a life of similar circumstances. Other times it will simply mean that you are not eligible for a rest period between one life and the next.
    Upon completing these lessons, it is common for souls of the highest level to return to a new body in order to teach others and to help them along their own paths.
    At the beginning, we are all terrible. It does not matter if you are human or non-human in origin. The nature of birth into a human body means that you are confronted with the evils of Darkness that exist within humanity. We have all been liars. We have all been murderers. We have all been cheats. There is cost for this. You carry the debts of one life to the continuation of the next. The level of these debts and the collection of interest upon them is established by the level of your own soul’s feelings. Guilt and shame are your burdens even when you do not remember what your soul feels guilt over.
    None of us can escape this. In my first life as a human I perpetrated physical acts of violence so great in number and cruelty that it tainted an entire lineage for generations to come. In my second, though I perpetrated no acts of violence, I was nonetheless unscrupulous and twisted in my actions against others. In the lives since, I have been neither cruel nor murderous and yet I have suffered great pains for the debts that I felt owed, purposely creating punishments that I found suiting to my crimes.
    The only soul born to earth that has ever been without this burden has been that of the divine itself, and as his lessons asked us to forgive others, he also asked us to forgive ourselves. He has never held these actions against us so long as we recognize the harm that they inflict and have the ability to feel both genuine remorse and a desire to change.
    Love is the essence of life itself. I have said this. Every teacher has said this. God has said this. It is true every time. Love one another, love the lightness that is the divine and have love for yourself. We are inseparable in the end and therefore love given to any and all of these is ultimately a devotion toward the source of all life. This lesson above all others is the basis for understanding.
    Among the lessons there are also larger truths and many practices that help you to grow. If I am to summarize these it should be as follows.
    1. Reality is subjective. By the mind, which is connected to the source of the universe you have power over the reality that surrounds you. What is most held to by the minds of the people is most held to by the laws of creation. However, these are not entirely binding and thusly by belief and understanding of the subjective nature of the fabric surrounding you, it may be altered. This is why faith is a concept taught unilaterally from one spirituality to the next. This is also why the products of faithful intervention increase as the numbers of those in shared belief are increased in proportion.

    2. Your body, being the housing for your soul, is not disconnected from the triumphs, woes or practices of your spirit. By understanding the nature of and working with the energy that binds you to the universal, you have the ability to harmonize these divisions of self in order to more wholly experience the world around you. Practices such as meditation, prayer, work within the spiritual energies, bodily control and introspective learning each have benefit to the wholeness of that which you are comprised of. Though the body is impermanent, it is your vessel through this life and should be not forgotten or discarded, but respected and cared for in order that it may most effectively commune with all that is you, rather than merely a portion.

    3. All life is unique. All life is shared. All life is sacred. All life serves a purpose. We are one, but we are also individual. Love one another, but do not seek to become like others. Respect that which is the purpose and path given for others to walk and do not deny yourself or them the gifts that this path has to offer. This applies to every matter from the most intimate to the most mundane, from how we experience love, to the diets that we eat. Respect one another and do not force your way onto their own.

    4. Love.

    All other lessons are a matter of individual lifetimes and should be taken in their own time. I will not tell you how to pray nor how to meditate now how to activate your energies. I will not give you diets. I will not give you spells. I will not forbid you from lusts or from emotions. I offer these simple guides for they encompass the core disciplines of a life well lived and a life lived well.
    Mistakes we Have Made
    At this time I would like to take accountability for my brethren on mistakes that we have made. As such, you should expect a bit less formality in this section as from others.
    I have made numerous mention throughout this work toward the misunderstandings that have been applied to the messages that you have been given throughout time. However, I must also take responsibility along with all of my kind for what I consider to be our failings as your teachers.
    We come from different worlds, different planes, different levels of experience. It is not always easy for us to communicate. Our bodies, languages, customs, and practices being unlike your own, have kept us long from understanding one another fully. Living as one of you over the last epoch has taught me much, but still not all. It is natural that there should be struggles along the way.
    Speaking to you as children often resulted in our oversimplification. Speaking to you as equals has resulted in misinterpretations of our nature. Giving you advice has come across as edict and instructing you in practices that you were unprepared for has brought you pain and turmoil.
    At times we have been forced to renounce the teachings of our own not for their intentions but for the messages that you took from them, and yet this too has led to further confusion.
    I will tell you a tale that does not involve me personally but does involve many of my kind.
    Early in the life of your people, when we were still discovering what you were to us, many of us would visit this place and observe. They were tasked with looking after you, helping and guiding where they could. Yet as often happens when time is shared so intimately over the course of a life, some of them fell in love. This in and of itself was not a problem. They revealed themselves to those that they loved and, in many cases, found within humanity partners that were of their equal.
    They married according to multiple customs and some even produced children from their union. As happens with any marriage, they learned from one another. These messengers and observers saw hardship in your lives, in the lives of their spouses and the lives of their children. So, in considering them equal, they offered knowledge and practices that when used correctly might ease some of these hardships. It was meant to be kept between spouses and families. They were simple matters to us; things like metallurgy, medicine, or the principles of energetic work that you used to call magic. They were in the truest definition of the term, occult, which means that which is secret or hidden.
    Though they loved their families and offered this knowledge with hope and happy intention, while living within the mortal realms there is often no way to predict the actions or character of a child’s future, or of a grief-stricken spouse, or even what one might do in order to protect those that they hold dear. These knowledges and revelations of practice were eventually learned by people who were not responsible or mature enough to use them properly.
    None of us would have given a sharpened blade to an unknowing child, and yet by extension of these teachings as they found their way into the wider world, this was essentially tantamount to the result. So too were the children themselves found regretful in time.
    Though your people had begun with numerous variant of species and subspecies, these offspring between human and non-human mates were of forms that your kind had not previously encountered. They were accepted and loved within their families, but outside of the home they were deemed everything from monstrous to godly, and many possessed the abilities and nature of their parentage.
    Having seen what transpired between your own peoples and their tendencies towards destruction of those tribes in physical difference to their own. It was decided that for the wellbeing of all involved, that we should no longer be allowed to bond with your people unless we had chosen to be born as human ourselves. The offspring that were born during this time were allowed to integrate into your world as to best of their capability but the bodies of any who stood apart were commanded to be destroyed after death and the possibility of their like was never to occur again. This solved only one issue.
    By the teaching that had transpired and the spread of knowledge we now knew dangerous in the hands of those ill prepared for its power, we had introduced all manner of tools by which you had begun to destroy yourselves and others. Some of us tried to teach you how to use these things more responsibly, while others simply instructed you to stop and to never use such tools again. It was chaos and it was unquestionably whether directly or indirectly, our fault.
    Still this was only one set of instances where our mistakes led to damaging result. In the time where we had realized the impact that interactions could have, we searched for alternative ways to help. We found those that we considered prepared and we spent great deals of time with them. We showed them the full extent of the universe, even bringing them into the nexus and allowing them to see for themselves. With this knowledge they were returned to you with wisdom that we felt would make them a more qualified teacher than we could be.
    Still, when they tried to explain all that they saw, they had only the context which you understood, and they came across the same set of difficulties that we had. As individuals you could be taught. Some of you were there. You were ready. You were capable. It was your time. Collectively however, it just wasn’t going to make sense.
    So we tried simplifying things. We were still trying to help you in basic ways, but something as rudimentary as “Don’t eat that. It has bacteria that will make you sick” led to the simple realization that you didn’t know what a bacterium was. You barely knew what it meant to be sick aside from the symptoms themselves which you attributed to evil. All over the world we were having to give you rules based around terms that you could comprehend just so that you wouldn’t die of allergic reactions, bacterial illnesses or infections. I find it regrettable that we were forced to do this without being able to explain to each of you what any of these things were, but the instructions given had to be proofed in such a way that even the least capable of you, would still be able to follow them even if you did not understand them. So instead of “Don’t eat that. It has Bacteria that will make you sick.” Or “You really should wash that before doing that” We reduced the concepts down to “Don’t eat that or do this because it is dirty and will cause something you consider evil” Which unfortunately a lot of the time just led you to translate amongst yourselves as “don’t eat that or do this because it is evil”
    This is why you have so many answers in such bizarre terms and why it has taken so long for most of the truths we gave you to be understood. Though I am using food and hygiene as basic examples, these are only the simplest of obstacles that we encountered. We tried teaching you how to avoid self-harm mentally, how to treat things medically, how to understand the basic structures of your body and the body of God. It has all been given to you over and over again in more ways than I can count but with few exceptions where the teachers have been born into a human body first, we’ve just not been very good at communicating these things until you started studying the sciences.
    To be perfectly fair, I have to admit that I am incredibly pleased with the fact that the sciences have been so beneficial to your understanding, I only wish that they were not so limiting to your receptiveness of the spiritual. Eventually I know that you’ll understand them as one and the same. I see you getting closer with each passing year. I am personally very anxious to see all of you begin to understand.

    Pre-history is Not What You Think
    Early in the days of your people, your world was filled with diversity. What you know today as human, and what you commonly call human is merely the last remaining variant within a wider spectrum. There were so many. These were not the children of the observers. These were your brothers and sisters and it is only in recent years that you have begun to understand that they were not legend or myth, but divisions along the branches of human evolution.
    You have found their bones, studied their genetic structuring, compared yourselves to them and yet shy from the admittance that they have been familiar to you all along. Giants of mankind, dwarves, goblins, and a host more by names which you devised only in faint cultural memory of those that were born into this world alongside you.
    Your creation stories, as you tell them to yourselves, beg for an answer to what you are, distancing yourselves from what you were. The concept of evolution being so unfathomable to your young minds, that you imagined the dawn of your kind as if it happened overnight. Yet your path in many regions was bloody, isolationist, xenophobic and divided. We tell you the truth and you rewrite it in order to fit your needs. In some of your stories, you made yourself as gods, having to first conquer your brethren or family in order to gain control and create the new world for yourselves. For though you once dwelt in caves; upon your long walk into the greater globe, you felt the drive to push those who were different back into the caves, back underground and out of sight, which is where you buried them in memory, to the point where they became little more than myth.
    In other regions you coexisted with some of your family tree’s more diverse branches, yet even as you mated with them, you still treated one another as separate. This is why we feared for our children born unto man. It is a pattern for your people. You observe a difference within your neighbor and you separate them from yourself.
    In many instances, you did not live alongside them for short periods of time. They did not die out in times all before the recording of history. In parts of the world, pockets of your lost brethren continued to exist long after you had relegated them to the imaginings of fiction.
    That which is different is set apart and what is set apart is ultimately torn down. Yesterday you treated them as less than yourself, today you study them with morbid fascination in museums and archeological digs. In so many ways, they were often the best of you.
    This is how you treat that which extends beyond the dates of your remaining recorded history. You make fairy tales and legends out of reality until the time comes that you must face it anew, only for you to then forget all of your long-held names and knowledge so that you can rewrite your history yet again.
    A tribe of man with great knowledge of metallurgy and short physicality become the basis for dwarves. You make legend of them, attributing to them ways of magic and mystery. Their hairy faces and lowered brows are remembered but as myth. Their tribe dies and with it the reality of their existence. Eons pass. Dwarves become fictitious to your modern mind, so learned in the ways of the world you built upon their graves. Then one day you rediscover their bones and are in awe, but you cannot simply call them dwarves. You cannot admit that in your ignorance you had forgotten them or that in your blindness you had built them into things that they were not. So it is that you name them something new in the language of something old and you charge people to come see the exhibit that you have built in their honor. It is all quite silly. Even what you deem as “fairy tales” are quite silly, for as you often describe them, there is in point of fact a species who have interacted with you throughout your history that do hold the traits you have attributed to these and that reside in the nexus which you have deemed the “land of fairy”. My own people have not been immune to this and have been labeled by many terms throughout your time on earth, the breadth of which spans from attributing to us the status of our title and position while ignoring our physical form to isolating our nature by the definition of our physical traits and the lineage of our families as you have designated them in accordance to your perceptions.
    You look at your history and you over value yourselves. Yet you look at your “pre-history” and you underestimate almost everything that you ever accomplished. Most of your modern technology, architecture and science would be indecipherably lost within 1000 years if you were to stop today in the upkeep and preservation of its state. Even the sites of your greatest sky scrapers would render little more than rough chips of glass and dust after a single millennium without you. Plastics in time become little more than sediment. Polished and balanced tools become little more than rusty blobs of ore. The only of your creations which last without your care, are things which are made from or carved into the earth itself.
    So it should not come as surprise when I tell you that you have started over more than once. This is not the first time in your history where the global has become accessible or where free trade of goods and information have been common. These are not your first great cities nor your first vast cultures. Very little of your newness is new to us who have known you through the rising and falling of time. You are like waves, crashing against yourselves.
    Cataclysmic events have cleaned the slates of your recorded world and knowledge more than once. Each time that you are reduced to few, you rise again to build similarly to what came before and the pattern repeats itself. That is not to say that you have not lasted longer this time or created things original each cycle, but it is to say that you should be less confused to find evidence of advancement in the works of the ancient.
    If you want to know the truth, at any point in any area, then all you have to do is look for that which is shared across each culture. Look for those things which are found in universal constancy. Look for the patterns and the signs that you share with one another time and time again, and in that you will find the truth.
    You all remember a flood, and you recall it as all encompassing because it encompassed all that you knew. Not every story recounts some great ship or raft built to withstand it or that pairings of all animals were saved in order to restart the world, but in nearly every telling there is the truth. There was a flood. It happened suddenly. Those who were saved survived by grabbing their family, grabbing a breeding pair of animals, saving the seeds of their crops and either outrunning or floating above the waters until reaching a place different from where they began.
    A flood happened. It happened in a place where many people lived. Those that survived were forced to start anew with little more than family and necessity. Survival depended on 3 things, your family, your food, and your livestock. End of Story. That was the point. We did come down and warn you. We did assure that you would survive. It did not cover the earth. It covered the earth that you knew. If you want to know the source then look to the place where the most populated lakeshore of its time, suddenly became a sea that remains to this day.
    You all remember an island of great and powerful culture. Then the island vanished over the period of a single night and day.
    You remember interaction with beings different from yourselves and you remember their attributes.
    You remember the nature of the spirit in relation to the body.
    You remember a place that is separate from the world yet connected by the cycles of life and death beyond time.
    You remember God being born as a human being and walking among you to spread lessons of love and peace.
    You remember being told of worlds beyond your own where battles were waged and weapons forged.
    You remember the basic tenants and principles of that which you have been told by teachers and messengers across time.
    You remember that death is not the end.
    You remember that you are not alone.
    You remember that there was a time before the corruption of the Darkness which influences your lives.
    You remember that the ability to fight the darkness lives within you.
    You remember that you are a reflection of the divine and that the divine is all encompassing.
    Stop making everything more complicated than it is. Stop blaming my brother for your troubles. Stop building myths onto history or turning myths into history. Return to the source and find the structural basis for each and for the love of all that is holy, stop applying new names to old wisdoms. Let the truth exist as truth.
    Seek out your teachers. Question that which is false. Question that which is real. Study your histories. Study your stories. Study your faiths, your sciences and yourselves. Seek the truth within and help others find that which they are in need of.
    Why now?
    Within the recent scope of your calendar the force known as the Darkness has been growing. The battle though long ongoing has changed. There have been heavy losses. Between the years that you know as 2012 AD and 2015 AD of the Gregorian calendar, no less than 3 earths within the timespace continuum were consumed in their entirety. This threatens the stability of all earths as fluctuations within the multiversal permeance now move inward to occupy the voids of empty pathways that they once traversed.
    The inhabitants of these earths who were within the closest vibrational frequency to yours, were merged with their spiritual counterparts of this plane just as others managed to escape to their nearest alternative bodies. As such, while we have seen a slew of destruction like never before, it has also resulted in the mass awakenings of individuals who now find themselves newly birthed as composite or amalgam souls, comprised of multidimensional versions of their own consciousness. Others have suffered great loss as the equivalent alternates to their own souls, were unable to escape, subsequently erased from existence, leaving them susceptible to the darkness in a way previously unimaginable to this world.
    This event and the changes that have occurred in result, have been observed by many with confusion. This confusion has led to an awakening by even those unaffected. You have observed now the malleability of our subjective reality. The differences caused by large numbers of individuals who currently hold multiple or conflicting memories of their own lives or the events of their earth’s history, has changed the fabric of the world on a scale that calls others to question the nature of reality in ways that are new and unexplored to them.
    This period of upheaval has marked a new epoch across the multiverse. The battle has shifted yet again. Your awareness is shifting. I am awakened to the purpose that marks the end of my birth death cycle. All of the guardians are being called home to assist and even my brother’s banishment has been lifted. I sent him home where he has returned to take up the mantle of guardian once more until he is called to take his place as the blank human form of the unity’s final birth in the body of man.
    All things that have passed must pass, but the new era has begun and for those of you newly awakened, prepared to move forward in your growth as individuals and as a species, these words have been my offering to the cause. I will not be returning to this epoch of your existence. I do not like it. You have strayed so far from truth and method that even existing in your natural state has been outlawed. You do not live in balance. You are sustained through artificial means and you have enslaved yourselves to systems that you created to protect you. Though I know that in time, these things will change, I do not have the heart to return here once this life has ended. I will go to your past and I will do my job. I will return to my home and I will protect you throughout time, but I cannot be one of you in the place where you currently reside. It hurts me in ways that I have never known. I will write more in this life, including parable and wisdom, but you will not know it as me.
    I leave this as the only text to bare my true identity. May it find you in your time of need, and may it help you as you grow and overcome.

    6 Responses to message from an angel

    1. ~rambles cousin
      May 21, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      You use a lot of words to not really say much and assume quite a biy without much support. Ramble fills text like bramble fills brush. It makes it thick and hard to get through.

      Language has evolved descriptive words like precut paths through wilds. To speed up travel

    2. Goodness@
      May 21, 2018 at 11:46 pm

      Who wants to read THAT?!

    3. What’s my name??
      May 23, 2018 at 11:31 am

      I wished I could talk to you. more than a few things (and I read everything) resonate with my soul or are things I have said in the past few months. Unknowing the origin of my thoughts an beliefs I feel like I knew this already

    4. Netflix
      May 24, 2018 at 12:16 pm

      Season one.

    5. DC
      May 28, 2018 at 7:39 pm

      What would do if an angel spoke?
      If it came to you, if it told it’s truth?
      Would you dare believe?
      or would you dare to see?
      Could you even speak?
      Or would you doubt your tongue?

      Would you doubt it’s words
      or would you doubt your mind?
      Maybe you doubt it’s kind.
      Maybe you call it out
      Maybe you mock it’s form
      Maybe you call it lies

      Oh what is it all for?
      Maybe it’s just in time.

      What if it took the form of something plain and drab?
      What if it looked to you as nothing more than man?
      Oh would you dare believe?
      Oh would you even see?
      Oh would you hear it’s words or would you not believe?

      Were you expecting wings?
      We’re you expecting light?
      Maybe a trumpets call or maybe day from night?
      And still the questions stay

      Oh could you turn away?
      Could you risk the chance If nothing more than asked
      Could you dare believe or would you call deceit?

      Is it all to real?
      Is it all to false?
      Is it all a hoax?
      Could you afford the cost?

      And if it’s form we’re shown
      As something never known
      How would you know it then?
      And would you take it in?
      What we all do if an angel came in truth?

      And in the world we live in, would it matter?

    6. Crow
      May 29, 2018 at 10:22 am

      look, I’m not gonna say one way or another what I think about what is written here. I did read it. It does use MY model theory of “Permeate Dependency” almost to a T, which is why I got pointed to this thing.. but I just gotta say it’s surprising to me the reactions that people have had.

      Whether or not dude is legit is sort of a moot point but seriously, complaints about the length and the wordage? This thing is a guy literally claiming to be an Angel, best I can tell, Michael the Archangel at that, laying out supposed answers to basically life the universe and everything in under 50 pages, and the responses are nitpicks about length and vocabulary? This is like basically if true, “The Book of Michael” . lol. And at the very least if not, it’s a well written and fairly comprehensive account of the fantastic. But You’d never know it from the comments.

      I suppose picking at the verbiage is nicer than condemning him to hell but damn, talk about pointless.

      So it inspired me to write a poem.

      What would do if an angel spoke?
      If it came to you, if it told it’s truth?
      Would you dare believe?
      or would you dare to see?
      Could you even speak?

      Or would you doubt your tongue?
      Would you doubt it’s words
      or would you doubt your mind?

      Maybe you doubt it’s kind.
      Maybe you call it out
      Maybe you mock it’s form
      Maybe you call it lies
      Oh what is it all for?
      Maybe it’s just in time.

      What if it took the form of something plain and drab?
      What if it looked to you as nothing more than man?
      Oh would you dare believe?
      Oh would you even see?
      Oh would you hear it’s words or would you not believe?

      Were you expecting wings?
      Were you expecting light?
      Maybe a trumpets call or maybe day from night?

      And still the questions stay
      Oh could you turn away?
      Could you risk the chance
      If nothing more than aksed

      Could you dare believe or would you call deceit?

      Is it all to real?
      Is it all to false?
      Is it all a hoax?
      Could you afford the cost?

      And if it’s form we’re shown
      As something never known?
      How would you know it then then?
      And would you take it in?

      What we all do if an angel came in truth?

      And in the world we live in, would it matter?

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