• Hi..

    by  • May 18, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 1 Comment

    What would give you a reason to believe there would be anyone else
    I dont understand
    Since we stopped communicating
    I’ve been miserable
    Its hard to get up and go to school
    I think of you often.. a lot
    The room is like a reminder of where it all began
    Our friendship
    My stomach turns
    And I want to leave class
    I’m sorry if at times I make you feel insignificant
    I noticed in our interactions I can be a little up and down
    Its a diguise ????
    Now knowing your upset
    I feel terrible
    But no, there is nobody in my life that i want or care
    Just. YOU
    I miss you, the unexpected things you say that make me laugh
    Your inconspicuous behavior lol
    The above ground hugs
    The look in your eyes when your explaining
    Something to me
    Every interesting fact I learned from you
    Yea me, learning from you instead of it reversed

    If you did not matter to me
    I wouldn’t go to great lengths
    just to be around you longer
    Like that day..
    at moments when it was a sheer inconvenience
    I didnt mind I didnt care I just wanted to be with you.
    I wanted to stay on that ride with you.

    I hope you know that this is me.
    I cant recognize you in any of these letters
    I’m eyeballing this because I dont know if I’m responding to you.
    If your not here anymore I have to give it up

    I love you… bean stalk. Lol

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    1. Cat
      May 25, 2018 at 11:19 pm

      Hey there Tater Tot

      It was never anything you did.

      I just want what’s best for you and I’m probably not it.

      But I love this ride because its full of loops to bring us back around

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