• Vision of a hawk

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    Its dusk out. A breeze is blowing through the house as rain hits the window pains.We have the lights out to take in natures dimming nightlight. No music needed, but obviously a burning candle. Its signature. Our bodies fully exposed. Your back is facing me as you sit on the bed. Im sitting on my heals as my kneese straddle your hips. My hands reach to loosen your tense sholders. As I massage your head rolls softly. The way the light dances on your skin is amazing. I can see every curve and chisel. Your hips start to make small motion. Energy at play. My body throbs and aches in response to yours. Our bodies have always spoken a language that No one, not even ourselves fully understand. Its natural so we dont question it. We just go with the flow. I move your locks to one side. Your eyes close and head leans to the side. An inventation to taste your warm neck. My mouth waters and I can feel my eyes dilate. Its as if my eyes have gone to HD. I can see every little hair standing to attention as your pulse causes them to move. I lean in and my lips make contact. Your skin now covered in goosebumps. “You smell good.” I say as my mouth moves to the back of your neck. I move down your spine with my tongue. Stop to take a nibble and squeese your skin in between my teeth. My tonge on a southward move again only to take a pit stop for my teeth to nibble once again. The goosebumps raise highter as you moan my name. I take hold of your hair and my body lifts to sit on its knees. My hardened nipples graze the silky skin along your back. I can feel me getting so wet. I turn your head to face mine. I lean in for a taste of your mouth. What was suppose to be a soft taste turns into a hard deep taste fast. Its as if auto pilot with our bodies have taken over. I bite your bottom lip, an attempt to slow the pace, for I have something to say. ” I want to kiss those inner thighs.” Thunder rolls loud at that very moment. As if nature put an exclamation at the end of my statement.

    Too be continued.

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    1. Anonymous
      May 18, 2018 at 10:25 am

      These posts are so annoying. Knock it off.

    2. Really?
      May 18, 2018 at 10:25 pm

      Oh please, we are all here posting the same repetitive, means-nothing-to-anyone-other-than-the-author, drivel day after day after day.
      Let the author be free to vent what is in her head as the rest of us have been free to vent what is in our heads.
      Usually I wouldn’t comment on anything, but I notice there’s a post on here about seemingly hetero sex that no one has yet said to “knock it off”.
      Funny that…

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