• Pain

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    Outside the window I stood

    Outside in the cold

    Like standing in the shadows

    Peering into the light before me

    Like a moth to the flame I sought its warmth and light

    My heart in my hands

    Deep in my throat the words I wished to voice

    “Won’t you please let me in?, I love you”

    Voice them I didn’t

    Stood I did

    And colder I got

    Gazed I did into the eyes of the man I love

    In some instances looking away because it was too much for me

    Trying to carry out a normal conversation

    Plagued by thoughts

    Did my eyes not speak volumes?

    His eyes spoke but I could not understand their language

    Spoke volumes that drove my soul insane

    “Won’t you please tell me what you really want to say”, I longed to ask

    Did my eyes not bare my soul enough?

    My soul banging through the window pane of my eyes

    To bare that which was unspoken between us

    He then asked for my name

    He doesn’t know my name

    Didn’t he know my name?

    This man I so cherish

    This man to whose love I am a pilgrim to

    This man, my home, my hope, the very life I long for

    Longing for the comfort and solace only he could give

    My heart in broken pieces

    As I recount what has happened

    Deep inside I bury this pain

    Smile I do even in pain

    And sleep I will with this pain

    How do I even begin to explain

    To the heavens that witness my pain and tears

    I feel something coming over me

    My mind is restless

    I wish I felt better

    I wish this pain to end

    I just

    I just wish he loved me as much as I love him

    Tyolo aka Rantings of a woman in love

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