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    I have always loved you. It took so long for me to realize it and by the time I did I was too far gone to do anything about it, about us. My biggest regret is how long it took me to get my shit together. My emotional highs and lows got worse and worse until I was in a downward spiral leading to my inevitable suicide. I was delusional. I thought that you were the one who was hurting me but now i know that it was me the whole time. I hurt both of us. I made you leave.

    I guess I had it coming when you and HER got back together. The entire time I couldn’t stop screaming “THIS ISN’T WHAT I WANTED TO HAPPEN. I JUST WANTED YOU TO LOVE ME. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I DID WHAT I DID BECAUSE I WAS SICK NOT BECAUSE OF YOU. WITHOUT YOU I WILL DIE.”

    I am better now. I finally found medication that works for me. My counselor has helped me to work out my issues. I am happy to be alive. “Bipolar” isn’t a death sentence to me anymore.

    Today at the party something was different. We talked like we used to. For those few hours I felt as if we were still taylor and (). You seemed happy to be with me.

    Now that I am emotionally stable I feel that there is hope for us. I love you to much to forget about you.

    Taylor you mean everything to me and I hope and pray that someday we will be together again.

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