• How dare you!!

    by  • May 15, 2018 • Anger • 0 Comments

    Follow my family online only to talk shit about them.
    I know. You follow them to keep up with me. To see what they post.
    To see any glimpse of me in their pics.

    You’re a sick fucking stalker. Especially if you felt the need to talk about screened t-shirts at a funeral. I don’t forget that type of talk. You’re a sick disrespectful individual who only goes around searching for dirt on others just to feel better about your miserable life.

    Well you can leave them alone now. Laugh and enjoy my gift to you to cherish for eternity. No need to continue stalking them or me. Blow that one up and throw darts at it. Have nightmares on it. Don’t give a fuck!

    You’re dead to me.

    Go stalk your park district dog shit cleaner. I’m sure she loves hearing from you or maybe your old fuck who took your virginity at 9. Sicko.

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