• Continued….(from her)

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    There’s the moon and stars and you.
    You have a gorgeous nipple I want to suckle.
    I like the way your darker “rugged” skin looks in the night light.
    And if you look close enough you see love in my eyes when I look into yours.
    I gently bring your hands close to my lips, close my eyes and press a kiss on your fingers.
    This is my favourite time of our session; to cherish you.

    I start at the side of your neck. My right hand cupping your face and jawline in soft embrace. I place a kiss with a smooch and slowly trail down with my eyes closed. I hear a soft moan escape your lips. I grasp your hand to give you a fervent kiss but unable to contain myself, I dart for your lips. I kiss you hard, right on the lips, it’s as if I have been trying to tell you so much and I just couldn’t find the words for it… until now. My words can only be expressed from my actions, I couldn’t show them to you, my feelings, but here they are now, engulfing your mouth, gently stroking and massaging you tongue and exploring your mouth and taking everything in. I love the intimacy of a kiss; my hands cupping your face as I tilt my head sideways to get reach deeper inside you, sucking and sliding each other’s tongue. My hips are near your waist as I am leaning against your chest, lost in you and lost in our kiss. I slowly lean back and let my eyes rest on yours. You like how my eyes are glazed over. I notice your eyes dart down at my nipples, swelling and standing erect. I got so wet when you took one in your mouth and started to suck them and make swirls with your tongue. I love how your skin feels against mine. I want those lips and hands everywhere; inside me and also on every part and inch of my body till we fuse into a single core, lost in our embrace. “Mmmm… Your touch is my world.” Encouraged by my words you take my entire breast in your mouth and suck on it like you mean it. I love your enthusiasm and they way you suck on it intently; it was getting me so wet that I wanted to take you then and there. I was already straddling you as I sat on top. I took my breast out of your mouth and reached for one big kiss on your lips before I placed your beautiful throbbing head on my wet lips. I love sucking it’s head and slowly building you up before your climax; slow and steady. I would occasionally look into your eyes and give you even longer strokes as i heard you moan and release yourself. I taking you whole and letting you inside me. I love the feeling on you inside me in every way. To be continued….

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