• Bullet

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    Hi E.
    I don’t know what exactly to tell you. I don’t even know if I’m hurting or angry. Sometimes it just feels like we happened long ago when in reality it’s just been three months since we ended. Honestly, I never expected that. Sure there were times I doubted you but cheating was the least I’d ever expect from you. You made me feel like you’d never do anything to hurt me. You always assured me that you loved me. You repeatedly told me “You’re my one and only”. In fact, that was my name in your contacts right? What happened? How did it happen? Where did we go wrong? Did it ever cross your mind how much I’d hurt with what you have done whenever that name pops out in your inbox? Didn’t you feel at least any chill going down your spine as you tell me you love me while you were cheating on me? Did it ever occur to you how much damage it could bring to my perspective on relationships, trust, and people? These are questions that kept running in my mind. These are questions that I’d never get answers to because you don’t know the answer too. I don’t even know if there’s an answer that could suffice. One day I hope I’ll stop being afraid of relationships and start trusting again. I hope that one day I’d really be thankful you happened instead of feeling like I’ve wasted so much time and effort on someone who never thought twice about hurting me because honestly? I never expected you to be the one holding the trigger.

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