• Redneck Punk

    by  • May 11, 2018 • Fear • 0 Comments

    we havent spoke since i left the 2 of u on my front porch. after u said u were desperate enough nit to go home aline that u went to a p.o.s ex for company, i knew. then u started tellin some story bout ur recent em “mysteriously” got an audio recording of u nasturbating to porn, i knew ur intentions. the vibe shift was palpable. i knew i cant compete w/ u, so i left so u could take mine home.
    recently a mutual friend of all 3 of us had a cpl slips of the tounge. now i know hes been visiting the game room u work at & that u were at his house awhile back.
    nay, i need u to know that hes the first man ive loved since Fucker.u KNOW how that turned out. now, here i am again, having a sister with the man i love. naynay…. u know damn well u can have ANY man u want…
    …but PLEASE, please not this one.
    that’ll do, pig
    Trailer Park Goddess

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