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    Across the room. Its a crowded room, but my eyes are fixed on you. You look my way and notice my stare. I can feel my heart flutter. You look away quickly. I see your face turn flush with heat. You look back at me. My eyes never left the site of you. I notice your breathing getting deeper. Your hands grip tighter onto the book your holding as I start to walk twards you. Your right side leaning against the wall. I stand right behind you and lean my mouth to your ear. “Its been a long time woman!” I say softly. I see your eyes shut as goosebumps rise on your skin. ” It has been!” You say as you turn twards me. Our eyes meet. The feeling is so intense. My knees want to buckle. “Its crowded in here. Want to go somewhere quiet?” You nod your head. I grab your hand and lead the way into a quiet room. Your gorgeous. We sit on the couch. “I don’t know what to say.” Comes out of your mouth. I lift an index finger and press softly against your silky lips. Your eyes close as you start to kiss my finger. My eyes close at the feel of you. My other hand lands on your leg. I must say that dress your wearing is absolutly stunning on you. My hand slides up your thigh. You moan and say my name. I lean to your ear and say ” ****** I want to make love to you.” Your eyes open. Your pupils are dilated and glazed over. Your eyes are piercing right though me. Your lipstick is smeared on my finger and around your mouth. Your legs spread open a little bit as my hand slides to your inner thigh. You bite your bottom lip and lean your back on the arm of the couch. I can feel your sooo wet. My body throbs and aches to be up against you. You moan my name. You start to unbuckle my belt. Our mouths are going crazy. My tounge can’t get deep enough. You unbutton my jeans. I can’t help but moan as your hand reaches in. Im soooo wet. ” Make love to me ******.” We slip inside eachother at the same time. Our bodies fervently thrusting. I take my jeans off. You spread your legs wider apart as I pish your dress to your waist. I straddle your long sexy leg as your hands grab my ass. Your pulling me into you. I lift my shirt over my head exposing my breast. Your warm mouth takes one. Your licking and sucking hard as we are thrusting. Im about to cum all over your silky leg. I hold back as is say ” I want to taste you.” You slide sown the couch. Your now laying flat. You grab my hair and pull my head to where my ear is at your mouth. You nibble on my ear as you say ” Taste me. Take me in.” Your hand guides my head. I start kissing your neck. Your moans can be felt at my core. I take your breast into my mouth. Your thrusting harder. Sweat rolling down our bodiea. You guide my head downward. Your legs now layed wide open. I start kissing your inner thighs. Your legs are shaking. Our energy flowing intensely. I inhale deeply. You smell so good. My tongue on your throbbing swollen clit. The grip you have on my hair it tight. Your thrusting hard as my tongue slips inside. My body thusting on your shin. ” Im going to cum in your mouth!” You say. I go in as far as i can. Your legs get tense. Were thrusting ao hard. Your grip gets harder as you say ” Take me in. Take me! Oh ****** ” I can feel your wet . Im licking so hard. Your eyes roll, legs quivering. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” You pull my head up to have our eyes meet. ” I want to taste you. Im hungry!” You say with an intense look on your face. My mouth covered with your wet. We kiss hard. You lay me back. Your mouth goea to my neck.

    To be continued

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    1. To the idiot who wrote this smut.
      May 11, 2018 at 5:02 pm

      This letter is such a turn off. Author you need to learn to spell. Keep this smut to yourself. Some people never learn or is it lern? Lol

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