• I Just Dont Know Anymore…

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    So for almost a month a girl I loved broke up with me due to her family. It left me depressed, lovesick, and heart broken. I didn’t want to live anymore. And for some reason, a part of me hated her for leaving me, even though she was forced. I felt like she shouldn’t of given up so easily. We may be just young teenagers, but we would talk about our future together. Marriage. Kids. Future jobs. Dream house. How many pets we’d have. What we would do for our honeymoon.

    So after we broke up, we didn’t talk at all after. Then a friend of mine was there for me, cheered me up, and she made me feel whole again. I ended up falling in love with her. Now it’s been almost a month since my other breakup, so after talking to my friend, we eventually confessed we both loved each other and got together.

    After a day of us getting together, my ex decides to return. After trying to get over her, she returns when I just got happy and found a new purpose to live. My girlfriend asked me if I’d leave her to go back to my ex, but I told her no.

    But after a day of my ex returning, and even tho we aren’t on the best terms now because apparently I moved on too fast, I still love her. A part of me still loves her and I don’t know why. But a part of me loves my girlfriend too. I don’t know what to do…

    A part of me is saying to stay with my girlfriend.
    A part of me is saying leave me and go back to my ex.
    And then the rest of me says to just go single.
    And I don’t know what part to listen to..

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