• Terrified.

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    That’s the word to describe the feeling.

    I’ve barely known you in the beginning of our years unlike our other friends, and yet, you’re the one who makes me happy. You’re so kind and funny and you can light up a room, that’s one of the things I’m gonna miss. I’m sorry I was shutting you down when you were showing me love, it’s because of him that’s this was a different love, this was something better than he could ever give any girl, but you’ve been through that with me.

    I’m sorry everyone crowded you at lunch the day after we confessed, truth is I only told two people, because I was so happy you liked me back, but I guess people we don’t even know knew, and I’m sorry you got frusterated. I’m sorry I was the cause of that.

    I’m sorry that she was a jerk to you, that she might’ve caused something between you and him. It’s too bad that you broke up, but it hurt that you didn’t tell me, just like you didn’t tell me that I was pushing you away. You seemed happy. You really did, it wasn’t me but, it was okay.

    atlas we’re going slow right? maybe this can work, hopefully, even if we are going to different schools, this’ll work. But I’m terrified.


    you could find someone else, someone better, just like everyone else, because I’m always left alone.


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