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    Nothing compares to Eric. No one compares to Eric. I wonder some days if I will ever recover from loving him. He let me get away and I’ll never understand why. I wonder sometimes if he still thinks about me from time to time. I wonder if he ever really loved me like he said he did.

    I do okay during the day, but at night is when I really miss him. I wish I could rewind the past and change it. I wish that when he was sitting on that wall at buttermilk falls that I’d gone up to him and kissed him.

    I’ve dreamed so many nights about what that would feel like. We never did. If only I could have been good enough for him. If only he had wanted me for the rest of our lives.

    I walk around with this big whole in my heart and I don’t know how to let go of it. Yes there is a guy I’m talking to but he messaged me and I’m so trying to move on with my life, since you told me that you were with her.

    He is not you though. No man is you. I guess right now I’m settling for less than I want. I know it’s not fair to this man I’m talking to. Having someone to talk to is nice, but I’m not happy…not without you. I’m not strong enough.

    No one compares to you. I love you still after all this time.

    How can I move on?



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