• A voice for the poems I will never send

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    Poem 1: Hospital Gowns.

    Out of focus,

    the room, the people, the blinds.

    Soaking in morning light

    before fluorescent bulbs make their debut.

    Filling in words, coloring in between the lines.

    Metamorphosis on tip of tongue,

    Let it swallow.

    Out of sync with the

    conversations, presence, time.

    Wished for, no yearning for

    Shapes of the familiar

    at the windowsill

    peering in

    What a waste of a day!

    hoping and hoping to see..

    staring at dreams as raindrops

    on a dreary skyline.


    Poem 2:

    Loneliness and its beauty

    I feel empty, free, at a standstill
    Where momentary pain blends into
    extraordinary discovery.
    I feel as though I am left on the precipice
    of something new.
    Forgetting the damage,
    I will build myself
    Stronger and full of glistening light.

    Poem 3: Forget me knots

    His eyes do not love mine.
    They sift through doorways
    and down rolling hills
    through raging storms to scenic views.
    I am the paint beneath the wallpaper
    the eyesore to his taste.
    Living in two different worlds
    Where I savor the softness in
    his eyes and he, he walks to
    pick flowers for another dame.
    Walking to find my inner soul screaming for an out
    Tip toeing through the wet paint through the most recent mural made.

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    2 Responses to A voice for the poems I will never send

    1. a scientist
      May 2, 2018 at 8:48 pm

      Two minutes of softness. In these moments I am nowhere—now here.


    2. The paint beneath the wallpaper
      May 4, 2018 at 12:13 am

      That’s really a sorry position to be in, how did this happen?

      Peel yourself off from beneath and leave the chamber.



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