• You Guys Just Dont Get It Do You?

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    You guys fight and bicker at each other over the most important things, to things that are so small and stupid. And you call this a family? It’s a broken family. A messed up family. The drama you people cause make it hard for anyone to enjoy being in the group. You don’t let anyone state their opinions without criticizing them for it. My god and then when someone who is depressed states their problems, and I’m sure the people in the group know the person I’m talking about, they get showered with affection and you try your best to help them even though that person has to of course deny and constantly not see that their loved because their so self center. Then someone else, who also knows who they are, has problems they need help with, and you guys don’t give jack shit about them. Like, what the actual fuck?! Do you not care enough for that person compared to the other. That person is a part of our so called, ‘family’ just like the other, yet you care more for the self center one then the other who cares so deeply for you all. It’s just messed up.

    Then let’s go back to the situation with an old member of our ‘family’ who once tried to state their opinion. Okay so I get that the way she worded it was rude and yes she has some blame in this, and I admit I was wrong to think she didn’t care but it isn’t her fault she didn’t know the full story on the others leaving. But you know deep down inside that everything she said, except about the three leaving, was 100% true. You KNOW it was but yet you can’t see that because why? You’re to damn self center. Then what do you do? You tell the creator of the group, YOUR girlfriend also, to BAN her because she stated her opinion. Oh my god that was pure immaturity right there. And the fact that she did it was bad on her part too. I know she isn’t a member of our ‘family’ anymore but you all we’re friends since the beginning of the group. What the fuck? I would like to say to the creator, that the fact you listened and ban her was just pure stupidity and you can’t stand your ground. The only reason she got ban was because you two are fucking dating. I swear if you two weren’t things would’ve ended differently. She probably would still be there. But NO. She’s not.

    Now understand that this doesn’t go to everyone in the group. I now some whom aren’t self center and care for others and not just one specific person. But to the ones who I am talking about, do you even care about this family? Do you not know how a real family works? And I’m sure if anyone ever happens to see this, their gonna find some excuse that they have problems in their family and they don’t know how one works because of this yada yada yada. No. I want a different answer then that. One that can prove ever single thing I just said was not true. But you can’t give me one can you?

    This is all I need to say since I can’t state my feelings and opinions to my ‘family.’ Thank you for your time. Peace ??

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