• To my darling Ex – Husband

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    Dear Nicholas,

    First let me say thank you. Thank you for our beautiful amazing son. He is the light and joy in my life. And the only good thing to have come from our time together.

    I want you to know that I forgive you. I forgive you for the 15 years of hell you put me through. For the nasty ways you looked at me and how you’d talk down to me. I forgive you for all of the lying, the over spending, for the debt and the bankruptcy. I forgive you for it all. All of it taught me what not to look for in a partner, in a husband.

    I do not forgive you for the evilness that spews from you every time we talk now. Because it seeps into our son. It will become a part of him. Every time I interact with him, I do so in a way that will hopefully counteract your negativity. I implore you to stop trying to undermine the love he has for his stepfather. Those two are like peas and carrots, as much as you hate it and that boy needs a positive male role model because you ain’t it.

    Finally, I want to wish you luck. I think you are really gonna need it.

    Your ex wife

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