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    by  • April 24, 2018 • To Everybody • 3 Comments

    Here are some observations I have made throughout my life about women in general. At least American women. So far, no woman I’ve met has defied this mold:

    – Absolutely cannot, will not, take responsibility for their words and actions. Make a mistake in a relationship with another person, it’s their fault, wait til they apologize for your mistake.

    – Will ALWAYS believe and act like they are the most important human being on the planet, no matter what. No one else’s concerns matter.

    – Will carry a perpetual chip on their shoulder because ‘women have been oppressed for so long.’ Bitch please, give me a minute to go get you some reparations. You have always been able to control men because of your advantage in the sexual power dynamic. Every attractive woman I know makes more money than me, probably because their bosses/clients want to fuck them. I’d trade some unwanted gazes for extra money any day.

    – Will treat men like shit unless they’re sexually attracted to them.

    – Will do whatever is necessary to gain attention. God forbid someone doesn’t like your post.

    – Will gradually become a decent human being when they reach around 40 and they aren’t just given everything they desire by men who want to fuck them. Somewhere around that point women realize the virtues of treating other human beings with respect and dignity.

    – Will undoubtedly believe this post is sexist and misogynistic, because see points 1-4.

    Women of the world, please rest easy tonight knowing that if men could give birth, we would have killed you all off millennia ago. You are all terrible human beings.

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    1. Anonymous
      April 24, 2018 at 11:39 pm

      I can understand your anger. But not ALL of them are like that. I can say similar about a bunch of men I know. Who all seem to think that they can talk down to women. You can’t win. There are men who arre complete assholes. And women who are complete assholes. But…there are people who aren’t. May be harder to find. Yes. But they do exist. I promise you 🙂

    2. Move to India or China.
      April 25, 2018 at 3:29 am

      If you want a world with less women, move to India or China. The male populations in these countries outnumbers those of the female by 70 million from years of gender-selective abortion practices driven by male favoritism in patriarchal cultures. Good luck!

    3. Agree to disagree
      May 21, 2018 at 11:43 am

      I agree that we are crazy. But all women are different. I can stereotype men (or any other groups) place them in collective categories as well with the whole all men are dogs, all they want is sex, yadda yadda. Society has conditioned women a certain way, just as it has with all others. Women are not the problem. Social conditioning is.

      I was brought up on the Disney channel. I was Daddy’s little princess. I was taught that men should chase women and that I should find a man who puts me first and foremost, so that I can put all of my efforts into my children. If my husband’s happiness comes from making me happy, then he should be the protector and provider. My life has turned out quite different from who I was raised to become. I met a man who opened my eyes to this conditioning, and I made the choices to change to become a better individual.

      The women you describe above, I will admit, I embodied in my teen years; however, I have never really been a beauty queen. I grew up overweight. I had a little nerd and tomboy in me, and goody two shoesness. As a result, guys never really pursued me long. I watched as they google eyed the girls who were “fine” and “hot”. I cringed as my best friends who were guys, talked about how amazing a girl was, after that girl just bullied me last class. These mean girls got all the attention, because the boys were physically driven. These boys ignored the emotionally driven girls worthy of their time because they weren’t pretty enough. It’s biological.

      In closing, the women you describe above know how to use their beauty, but usually don’t have any clue how to use their heart when it’s time to move past the point of attraction in a relationship. Most men desire a beauty queen who has a golden heart. They exist, but usually get tarnished young. Once past a certain age, they have mostly been married or have given up on love completely.

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