• Love rarely exists

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    Real love is hard to find, for most people it will never exist. People think they find love but real love lasts and you will never let go of it no matter what. That’s why so many people get married then divorced or get together and don’t stay together. The people who get married or get together and stay that way are the ones lucky enough to find real love in their lifetime. Some people may trick themselves into thinking they found it because they want it so badly they go looking for it so when they find someone they like they’ll force love into the relationship that isn’t actually there. Some people may just not understand that really liking someone with immense feelings and care for them is not always the same as love. Love is happiness. Love isn’t stressful or hard or complicated in a bad way like people say. People think it’s this way because they are mistaken false love for real love. They are completely different. Many people will spend their whole lives looking for real love but will never find it that’s how rare it is. There may be outside forces that make the relationship stressful or hard or complicated but love is what holds them together and it’s the reason they stay together through it all. Real love truly is unconditional and lasts a lifetime. False love is merely the surface representation of what love is. But you don’t need love to be happy happiness can come from other things as well. Love is happiness but happiness isn’t love. I don’t want to be one of the people who spend their whole lives looking for something that won’t exist for them, so that’s why I’ve decided after Boy X I’m done dating. I understand why people may be interested in dating but I don’t see a point in doing something that only creates complications to ones happiness. Yes dating can make people happy but if it isn’t real if it’s under false pretenses then it’ll spoil eventually and that’s when the happiness it created starts to fade and turn into stress and pain. I would rather focus on making my life enjoyable and create my own happiness without the complications of dating. I want the chance to live my life and eventually start a family. And I believe that you don’t need a partner to start a family there’s various options people have available to them to start a family on their own. It is harder for single parents to provide their kids with the same opportunities but it’s not impossible. I feel after Boy X I will have had enough experience in dating and will be content with spending the rest of my life not getting mixed up with relationships. I don’t want to repeat the same thing over and over again I mean if you think about it that’s a definition of insanity. Real love is rare and I don’t think it’s worth searching a lifetime for and never finding then dying without having lived life to the fullest. The saying “Love is a lie” in a sense is true most loves are a lie, they aren’t real. Those whose loves are not a lie are truly lucky to have found something that special. Finding real love is like winning the lottery, sometimes it’s just not worth it to try anymore.

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