• Go ahead

    by  • April 24, 2018 • To You • 0 Comments

    Go ahead and ignore me.
    Go ahead and act like I mean nothing to you.
    Go ahead and treat me like shit.
    Every other woman in my life has so why should you be any different. Show me how unspecial you are.
    I’m not important, I’m not someone you should give your respect.
    Honesty if I killed myself I’d probably just be doing you a favor right?
    The way you treat me, that’s the way I treat the 2 or 3 people I hate most in the world. So that’s what I must be to your right?
    Almost 6 years and nothing. Oh that’s right, I’m not entitled to a goddamned thing from you am I.

    I am so fucking sick of this, I can’t even properly express my disgust. All I see around me are happy people with their happy significant others. And me? Miserable since the day I fucking met you because I am either the most despicable human being in the face of the planet or you are just a cold cold bitch. I wonder which is more likely.

    Good luck finding anyone willing to put 1% of what I put into loving you. Although you clearly have no problem treating complete fucking strangers with more courtesy than you’ve ever given me so I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Me? Well you don’t give a fuck so don’t worry about it.

    I hope someday you’ll realize what you could’ve had with me. Maybe when your older and your beauty has faded you’ll realize I was the one person who loved you for who you were. But maybe if you ever figure out what true love really is, you’ll figure out why I put up with the way you treated me for so long. Fuck I’ve been getting by with fb likes all these years when all I wanted was to hear your goddamned voice. I sincerely hope Antoinette that one day you will come to regret how poorly you’ve treated me all this time, but I have a theory about how people are unable to change once they hit 30, so I doubt you will ever really comprehend how you left me in ruins. I’d say I fucking hate you, but unfortunately I don’t. I’m still helplessly in love with you and I probably always will be. But at what point do I reclaim my pride in who I am as a man and a human being and say enough is enough.

    I really though you were special. I really thought you were the one.

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