• Am I too American Eagle for your Hot Topic?

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    I remember the very first time I saw you. You walked through the door, and our eyes locked instantly. We both have each other a head nod, as if we knew each other for years. But we hadn’t. In fact, we’d never met. But the attraction was palpable. You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I told myself that I was about to meet a very important person in my life. And I was right.

    In the years since, we’ve grown close. You’ve trusted me with so much. Our friendship seems unlikely from the surface level, but polar opposites attract.

    You’re the sole reason I came out as bi. I get it. You’re scared. Heads would turn. Both of our families are conservative. But for nearly two years now, I’ve waited for you. I’ve been patient. I’ve jumped through every hoop. I’ve pushed when you pushed. I’ve pulled when you pulled. One minute, you want to take that chance. You want to see me. Have me. And when I say when, you freeze.

    You lament over being single. You cry repeatedly about being lonely. And yet…


    Why can’t you see me? Is it because I’m Catholic? Am I too squeaky clean? Do I need to dirty my face and rough up my edges to get you to notice me? Was my upbringing too wholesome? Am I too American Eagle for your Hot Topic?

    I’m always jumping for you, yet you can’t take a leap of faith. I’ve been seeing a few guys, but I’ve been holding out for you. And the funny thing is, you’ll never know the depths of my love for you.

    You can’t help who you fall in love with and who you’re attracted to, and I realize that we’re not who we’d expect we’d find, but trust me. Won’t you trust me? We would be so good together.

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