• She has a boyfriend

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    I like this girl and I’m sure she likes me as well but she has a boyfriend. She never mentions him when she’s around me unless I bring it up (I usually don’t) or last time I made a comment along the lines of I’m definitely into you but you have a boyfriend and she said “Yeah…” in a long drawn out sound. We’ve kissed before but now she seems to hold back it’s only if I go in for it and even then she doesn’t kiss me as long as before. But she still comes around to see me and tells me that she misses me or doesn’t want to leave but she has to because this is wrong. What do I do? I’m really into her she’s the girl of my dreams. I literally can’t stop looking at her when she’s in front of me she’s beautiful.

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    1. Duh
      April 17, 2018 at 6:07 am

      She’s not worth it. She has a boyfriend that she is cheating on. She will cheat on you as well if you were with her. Move.Along.

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