• You said you were …

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    I write this letter totally destroyed, you know what you said.
    I really want to believe it is true, it would make it so much easier on me.

    I will probably never know the real reason but I can guess.

    Was it because of what happened years ago? You don’t even care to know the reasons why that happened, I suppose you know at least a couple reasons.
    If you would have opened up just a little back then, we would be together.
    I guess it was a combination of other people, politics, and fear back then.

    In the present, I can see you are all shut down. I see the fire start between us, and I watch you extinquish it. I see you treat old friends like shit for no reason. I watch you act and say you would rather be somewhere else like going to the bar, parents, siblings, or hanging with your neighbors. Simple stuff you can do any time you want instead of spending time with old friends or me.

    I can’t go back in time and fix it. I can’t give back the years. But I can be there today, I want to be there today.

    It’s complicated, it always is.

    Don’t you think we would be great, I do?

    Some people will stay, some people will go, and new people may appear.
    I bet your mostly worried about your family and I understand that. I don’t know that dynamic so I can’t help there but I bet it’s your greatest fear.

    I told you what I want, but I am willing to comprimise.
    Here is all I ask from you:
    Think about and tell me of a way we could compromise.
    Tell me the truth about how you feel.
    Tell me your roadblocks.

    Maybe this can work at a less optimal level.

    I know I can move on, but I don’t want too.
    I am not sure if you will and it hurts me to know that.
    But worst of all, it hurts you.

    I can’t say it will be perfect but I think it can be great.

    I love you KSL

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