• Don’t be sorry,

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    I’m not sure if its you who wrote that last letter
    Because I mean you don’t strike me as someone going through something like that
    Then again who am I to judge the type of “look” they have..
    Hopefully you know you can talk to me about this stuff without being afraid to.
    It can be difficult letting anyone know
    Its a tough battle but I know you’ll fight it and win 🙂
    Im glad you told me and sorry if I came across as insensitive..or judgemental
    So you might have felt like you couldnt tell me :/
    I’m really not
    And I dont want you of all people to think that of me.
    I had no idea what you were going through
    Plus, I want to be supportive.
    There are many people who struggle with it.
    That doesnt make you any less of who you are
    It doesnt take away all the qualities i love about you.
    Reach out to me if you ever need someone to talk to.
    Know your not alone in this.
    Im here for you.
    Its good to get as much support as you can.
    And i would like to be there for you

    (If that letter was in fact written by you, if it wasnt- disregard.. lol)

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