• Dear You

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    I was so sure you were my twin flame. But we are on a break. Or you are moving past the idea of you and I and not telling me. I honestly am so in the dark and really cannot tell what your thought process is or how you feel, I can only guess.

    Our situation and interaction could be a movie. I considered it something special. I considered you someone so special that I didn’t even think of the possibility of having a connection like we do with anyone ever again. You were that unique to me— I had never met someone like you before in my life who felt the same empathy towards animals. Who had similar life experiences in what t is like to learn about another culture. Who thought the same way. It was like looking into a mirror with you.

    I guess I understand— I just thought by now you would at least talk to me. On occasion you will like all my postings, and I think that’s a way for you to let me know that you still think about me.

    Logistically and realistically I’m not sure how we are properly supposed to date when your soon to be ex husband is still living with you and you have the dynamic you do with your other ex husband and his girlfriend. You just came out and you are still in the process of coming out. The way you make me feel through this silence is just heartbreaking. I get it and I don’t. It’s not easy seeing your son every day. It’s not easy seeing images of you all together on outings, even if you are only friends. It’s not easy to hear about you sometimes. But I put on a smile and act my way through it.

    I guess I would just like to know if you feel a heaviness in your heart too or if you are trying to get past the idea of you and me. I know you need to properly end first with your husband. You were the one that pursued me and this agreement you had with him for your marriage is now just a mess.

    I know I just need to wait— I guess it’s just difficult because I have no idea if you are still on the same page. And I am terrified time will pass and I will still be in love with you and you will take back everything you once said back because you decided to move on. But if you love me the way you say you loved me— if it’s true love you will not get over it that easy. I hope.

    I just need a sign. Please.


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    1. Someone
      April 13, 2018 at 8:18 am

      I hate to say this, but I think you might be being used, maybe as a backup plan, and then if she goes with you she might have another back up plan. Maybe she is an attention seeker. I don’t even know. Good luck

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