• Im sorry it had to come to this.

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    maybe you can read this and it will help. I felt like shit and trapped because you never once gave me an open line of communication for such a thing. I figured you would blow up like you did, which is understandable but if i felt i could talk to you rationally it wouldnt have come outt like this, but in some ways its ad good thing because i didnt like hiding this th past 2 weeks. I will explain more in a sit down conversation for you when you calm down. I was ashamed and knew nothing good would come from it, its quite common if you red the article, but i thought i wouldnt have that problem even though i did good for so long. i only lied over the past 2 weeks because i knew this would be the end result. i got medicine to help me over it, and wanted to tell you but had a feeling it would turn into word war III. i want to be open but it never seems to work out for me so i keep my secrets and they keep me sick.

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    1. Seriously?
      April 11, 2018 at 6:52 am

      Seriously? You are going to point the fucking finger? If your person is not listening and you accuse him/her for your relaps then you should have not stayed with that person. You are responsible for your relaps. Or did they stuff it in your nose, or shoot it in your veins?

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