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    I want you to know this before I leave this site.
    I’m reading here and I’m reading a lot of shit thats making me paranoid and anxious..
    i don’t want to start pointing fingers.

    I actually liked YOU
    I guess you’d say I fell blindly for you. Thinking this time around, sure even if I felt little on the surface,
    The connection felt impossible to deny
    So I stood around,
    I denied all the preconceived notions I had for you, the warning signs..
    I thought I could somehow manage my emotions
    Feel nonchalant
    It just never last long and
    with every meeting I get more attached to you.

    I think what you wanted was fun.
    A playing field, multiple choices
    And thats fine.
    I just couldn’t take the secrecy..
    why you couldn’t be up front about it.
    Your letters had me going..
    I felt like I was the only girl.

    I’m glad you took an avid interest in me
    Maybe you wanted a change from the norm..
    So you wanted to try someone new and different
    Hope I got to satisfy your curiosity. Lol

    I felt open and was open with you. I just never got the same treatment
    What we have seems unbalanced
    I mean, I’m still not convinced you even write here

    it does not actually matter if I think of it
    You never openly admitted you felt the same way
    (Smart move I’ve got to say)
    Ending it would not be such a big deal.
    I’m taking this way too serious than you are so
    I have to let it go before things get too deep and I cant find my way out.

    -to my friend, my never love.

    Goodbye LIN’s

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    1. Understanding
      April 25, 2018 at 12:49 am

      I am right there with you, friend.

      Crazy has a new definition to me.

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