• Had a dream about YOU last night! :’)

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    I woke this morning genuinally surprised that you weren’t next to me! ????
    So I dreamt that I was walking along and then you pulled up to the side of the road in one of those wide lay bys.
    You wound down your window and I was walking past but towards you. I looked over at you and slowed my pace.
    We stopped and looked at each other for a few seconds.
    My heart started to race.
    You then said hi, get in, let’s take this chance.
    So I walked round, you unlocked and pushed the passenger door open from the inside.
    I then got in.
    I glanced at you. We were parked stopped for a few minutes. You turned to face me and I looked at you. We just stared into each other’s eyes.
    I didn’t want to look away from you.
    You smiled at me and then I edged on the seat closer to you. My elbow on the middle arm rest.
    Your hand suddenly brushed my arm.
    You smiled when you realised I’d noticed. I didn’t pull away and neither did you.
    I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in the next few minutes.
    I distracted myself slightly from the intensity between us by looking round at things in your car. I looked to your glove compartment and your cup holders to see if I could see anything interesting I could possibly tease you about later.
    You saw me looking and moved your hand onto mine. The intensity between us was continuing to grow.
    Suddenly, you then looked away out of the window and I followed your gaze trying to work out what you were looking at. A couple of minutes/probably seconds later you then swiftly turned your head back round towards me.
    You said I’ve got a proposition for you. Will you come away with me for a weekend?
    I started to reply stumbling my words a bit. The first thing I said was er.. Yes, yes… yes. Okay ????
    Where and when?
    You said that you were looking at booking next weekend as a last minute deal if I were free?
    I said okay sounds great ????
    You teased and said its a surprise. I’m not telling you, but it will be hot.
    You then took out your diary and a pen and wrote your phone number on a peice of paper. No name just a number, but obvs I knew it was you because I was sitting next to you.
    You told me to have a think about the weekend and if I wanted to come to text my passport details.
    I said okay.
    You then firmly squeezed my hand, took it, kissed it and then grinned and said I’ll see you soon ????
    I got out of your car and started to walk away, but didn’t want to go straight away. I looked back to see you. You hadn’t moved, you just gazed on at me. You then gestured with your arm like go on, message me later.
    I walked on, but looked back from time to time.
    The next thing I remember, we had arrived abroad, there were 3 sun beds. One for you, one for me and one for your son that had come along as well.
    We were messing around in the pool whilst you were looking on.
    Your son had put himself down for water polo.
    Just as it was about to start, I got out and saw you’d gone to the bar. We sat side by side and shared a pot of tea. I think we started to talk, but I then i woke up.

    I tried to go back to sleep to get back into the dream but it had ended. I rested my head back thinking I would get up in a minute. But then all of a sudden I heard beeping from outside my window.
    I then questioned, was this a dream? Or of it wasn’t could this be some sort of reality maybe in the future. Don’t know, probably over anticipating things.
    Just miss you so much! <3
    Do you ever dream about me?

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