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    1. Yeah, yeah...
      April 10, 2018 at 10:26 pm

      No women. No sex. No kids. Shit, I could have devoted ALL of my time into my research on neurodegenerative diseases and potential environmental co-factors. Imagine how much more he could acheive if he didn’t have to ritualistically walk in a circle! Like Shindler’s list: “This ring! I could have saved a dozen lives with this ring!”

      Not for me. I like the dirtiness of life. The imperfections. After all, what is he helping to educate these children to do? Become Buddhist Monks? There wouldn’t be a need for self-gratifying charity if we all worked for the charity. Do you know that my Catholic parents used to go to their priest for marriage and relationship advice? Nah, I want someone who has to deal with the real world rigors and temptations — and has prevailed — to give ME advice. “Here’s how I devoted myself to a career dedicated to the betterment of humankind AND put a roof over my family’s head and kept food on the table.”

      This? This example in the article is a highly controlled, artificial environment. Although, Tesla never married or bothered with women in order to devote himself to his work, so maybe there’s something to it? Of course there is, but I’m glad to have also loved and created life, even though I’ve had to put some of my world-saving aspirations on the back- burner. Buddhist monks, Mother Theresa, etc. They’re great and all, but the problems are still here. And thank God for that! Otherwise, what else would they do?

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