• You Never Know

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    Someone walks into your life,
    and an undeniable connection is made.
    It makes you question everything
    you have ever known.
    Oh, to finally find someone,
    that can see past your facade.
    To truly love you, scars and all.

    You never know,
    what the other person is going through.
    You never know,
    where this other person is at,
    in this crazy thing we call life.
    You never know,
    unless you can walk a mile in their shoes.
    Perhaps that person tried to reach you.
    Perhaps that person tried to seek you out in person, and you weren’t there.
    Perhaps you tried to reach them as well.
    You can never truly rely on technology.
    Calls and texts never recieved,
    because of some glitch in the matrix.
    Never assume.
    Perhaps the universe had other plans.
    Every road,
    Every fork,
    Every heartbreak,
    Every tragedy.
    Learn to take the good out
    of all the bad that happens.
    Ask yourself,
    What is the lesson?
    What did I learn?
    And remember,
    In the end,
    True love will always find a way,
    but never by your own watch.
    Learn to adjust your sail,
    if the wind is not in your favor.
    If you can’t drive in that direction,
    Learn to enjoy the ride.
    If it’s meant to be,
    it will be.

    If your out there,
    Know I felt it too.
    Still do, even after all this time.
    I’m leaving it up to the universe now,
    I will not try to mess with it again.

    -Lady Sin

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    1. Nicely put,
      May 19, 2018 at 5:42 pm

      I can relate to this. Thanks for sharing.

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