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    by  • April 8, 2018 • Closure • 0 Comments

    hi its me that lonely girl that sits in the back if the classroom that you thunk loathes in her own self hate
    the scares yeah they are an eye saw but that doesnt mean that i hate myself well not completely anyway
    if you understood my story and took a brief 3 second lookk at my past maybe you would understand but i doubt that i doubt that anyone will understand until i actually let someone in but do you really think that us going to happen in this life
    i know that i sound stupid because lets face it im hurting yet unwilling to let people in so really i am doing this to myself
    well maybe iam maybe i do this all intentionally but you should note that even if im the girl at the back of the classroom loathing in her own self hate if you came over for once and said hi you might make my day 2 miniscule sunbeams brighter in my days of shadows and darkness

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