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    The Hero Within

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    The Hero Within – Book by Carol S. Pearson “The Ethics of the Journey: The Code (Chapter 10) …Recognize the positive potential in negative situations. Anytime we meet the shadow of an archetype in another person, its positive pole has the potential to be expressed. While we must recognize and protect ourselves from anyone who

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    Feel you.

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    Central, I feel an enormous amount of love for you. Unconditional, just there deep in my soul. It’s been so long now, yet it feels like yesterday when I first bumped into you. 🙂 Grateful now, for the love you felt for me as well. I felt it, sensed it…always. Near or far. Hoping you’ve

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    Cannot sleep Completely wide awake Feel so tired but cannot switch off Waking every half an hour Going to go make a drink in a minute After a few weeks of feeling completely stuck and lost, I feel like I am finally getting closer to being back on route and have some type of plan

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