• Our Temporary Love,

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    We always argued about who loved who more. You could of sworn it was you over and over. ‘Always’ it was our way of promising we would always love each other and be there for each other no matter what.

    O ne or too many times we were told we were too young to know the true meaning of “love.” We were told we won’t be in each other’s future 10 years from now. My love, I wanted you in my future years from now. I wanted to come home to you, our family, and our dogs Scylla and Zeus.

    M agical, that’s how our love felt. It felt like a fairytale. Although I can’t say it ended the same way. Our story had no “they lived happily every after” ending. It just ended with us going our own ways. Eventually forgetting of our old love story and creating a new story of our own, perhaps with someone else.

    A nyone can tell you they love you and wish you the best, but few can mean it. I am hurting right now my lover. I am willing to give you up if that makes you happy. I am giving you wings and setting you free to fly on your own. Be happy, explore, go in search of love elsewhere. If that’s what makes you happy. I’ll be here waiting, waiting for my wings to grow so then I can go in search of love all over again.

    R elationships in the past never worked out for me and you knew that. I let you in and I got attached so quick. That was new and scary, because no other relationship has ever worked out. I guess I am able to say the same thing about this one right ?

    “Honestly I don’t feel the same way about us anymore. I don’t want to lie any longer and keep hurting you , so I am sorry and I don’t know what to say.” Those were the last words you said since the last time we spoke. I suppose you were wrong my love, I love you more .

    Always ?

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