• Hmm

    by  • April 4, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, Relief • 0 Comments

    So, lately I have been having random dreams of you. Not often, but enough times to be noticeable. They all have this common theme in various settings. We are sitting at a table with a group of people, and you’ve managed to make me feel so shitty that I can’t even look people in the eye and talk to them… I can’t even respond unless you tell me I am allowed to do so. I guess whatever relationship we had built in these dreams of mine had been one of you mentally and emotionally ruining me. I can honestly say that I am really glad you ended it before I got in too deep. I haven’t even thought about you for months until these dreams popped up. Well, anyway, I hope you are able to find happiness and someone who you are able to genuinely care for. Everyone deserves happiness.

    Good luck!

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