• What’s meant to be…

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    Do your own part,
    Let go of attachments & control,
    And trust life’s process.
    – Anonymous

    Everything happens for a reason.
    Every action has a reaction.
    Always remember that what’s meant to be
    Will always find a way to come about.
    – Anonymous

    Wherever you are right now,
    it’s exactly where you need to be.

    Whatever you’re experiencing right now,
    it’s exactly what you need to be experiencing.

    You may not be able to see the lesson or the gift in it,
    but it’s there, I promise you.

    You’re learning, growing, shifting, changing and becoming
    more of who you’re truly meant to be.
    – Anonymous

    Reminiscing can be totally therapeutic,
    especially if you’re ready to go back over the old
    and dig up the treasures from the past.

    Ensure a reexamination is positive by
    appreciating the good times,
    knowing they were right then,
    even if they wouldn’t work for you now.

    Seek gratitude for the peak of happiness in that moment,
    and if you decide an old flame could be reignited
    the universe could well support you now…
    – Anonymous

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