• Please build me a timemachine

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    I know I cut you off the last time,
    I regret it. Always have, didn’t even wanted to
    but at the same time I felt so frustrated. You were too late.
    I had tried to reach out to you, to let you know that I wanted to make the jump, I wanted to see you, meet you again, under different circumstances. But as soon as I told you that I would try to arrange it, you’d ignore me for weeks. It made me feel so naive.
    So when you reached out the last time I had to cut you off. One part of me still feels I did right by doing that. The self protecting part. The other part feels she’s lost her one last chance. But you were too late and you didn’t mention that you would come over a few months later. Why didn’t you tell me. Why didn’t you come sooner?
    I know now it’s because you didn’t feel what I felt. It’s ok. I think you’re better off too, cause what I felt even scared me sometimes. I have always felt something towards you. Even in the early years where we didn’t really have contact (Besides the initial meet and thank you after)
    You had been in my head for two years, I even told some friends about your existence and what it had done to me. Then out of nowhere you reached out….i’ve never felt so alive. I wished I could tell you, make you understand. How rare that is for me, especially Knowing we hardly knew each other. I know that I am nowhere in the position of saying these words. that is why I am writing them here. I can’t reach out to you, it’s not fair to others. You know my point of view. A lot has changed here tough,, for the better. I am happy, but that doesn’t take away that you still cross my mind a lot. I never blocked you, like you asked, by the way. I removed myself from Social media. Can’t write anything decent these days anyway. I just wished I could let you know.

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    1. A
      April 2, 2018 at 11:45 am

      Try to reach out to them today! Sieze the day! They wont reject you. Im sure they still think about you today more than you think. Time may change you but it never makes you forget.

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