• I just need to say

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    Mr. Litheko

    You are the one I love

    You are the love of my life

    You are the light of my soul

    I bless the day you were born

    I care for you

    I miss you

    I want to hear from you

    My love for you is strong

    I just want to be with you

    My life is so full because my family, you and your family are what I live for

    If it wasnt for you all my life would be nothing

    More of a wasteland than this fertile land that is this soul of mine, full of so much potential and growth one can never imagine

    For every man that needs a woman

    There is a woman who needs a man

    For every man that wants to feel worthy to be loved by the woman he loves

    There is a woman who wants to feel worthy to be loved by the man she loves

    I need you and I love you

    I would have been proud to be yours

    I wish I had had the chance to be yours

    To be loving, faithful and loyal to you and only you all my life

    You are the King of my heart

    You fill my heart with song

    I cherish you

    I want you only

    I dont need diamonds or gold

    Its hard to ignore though the truth that its you

    Its you

    Its always been you

    With all my heart, soul and mind

    I’ll always be waiting for you

    You have a home in me

    Maybe I am crazy to love you so

    I confess my gratitude for you on this earth

    With all these feelings and emotions coursing through my being

    With so much more I still want to say

    With all these words in my heart for you

    I know I need to stop being selfish

    I know I am wrong

    I know I am not part of your dreams

    I need to start facing life

    I need to forget my hope

    I need to forget my dream

    I need to forget my fantasy

    I need to face the future

    Its scarry

    Scarry as hell for me

    The road ahead of me is long and hard

    I know I will stumble along the way

    I pray that even as I may stumble that God never lets me fall

    Ms. Tyolo aka Rantings of a woman in love

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