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    I’m scared
    I’m scared because I don’t know if you’re playing me for a fool
    I give what i can give to you but
    I have to protect myself
    I have to set aside my emotions
    My heart says your not that kind of person but
    My mind tells me to protect myself
    It isn’t difficult to find someone who wants what you do
    I want us to build a solid foundation
    Each time we go through this
    I’m riddled with doubt
    Given your age you’d like to experience many different things at once
    I don’t want to hold you back while holding myself back
    i’m sorry i am being selfish
    The truth is i care for you and you are someone i cherish a great deal.
    But i don’t tell you my feelings cause i know you’ll run away but its happened already..
    a number of times..

    I’d rather tell you this so you can understand where im coming from

    I’d like to understand you and try to make things work for us but doesn’t it take two to tango?
    I’m willing to make it work but i don’t want to end up heart broken left taken for granted because i was too emotionally blind to see you aren’t at all who i thought you were.

    I don’t know because nothing is clear.
    Maybe your uncertain as well.
    Of course i don’t want to rush things I want things to progress.

    I’ve dated emotionally manipulative men who’d never treated me as there equal.

    Thats why I can’t risk being hurt again.

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