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    It. You don’t have to spell it out in all capital letters. I’m accepting it’s not me. You have been talking about someone else this whole time.

    Go get him. If you don’t you will have regrets. My friend advice to you is to go after what you want.

    I’m sorry for all the letters written to you, unless it made you smile and laugh. I would give anything too see that smile and hear that laugh of yours one more time. I am accepting you just don’t want that. I do understand.

    Knowing how you feel will make it easier.
    Sorry for causing trouble.

    I will always love you. If you ever need anything my promise stands that I will be here for you always. My door never shuts to you. Ever.


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    1. Just wondering
      March 29, 2018 at 11:57 pm

      You seem to know someone on here but I dont think they know you write to them or love them for that matter cause your letters are not clear as to who they are for. You dont need to explain anything to me I was just passing through and it hit me to the core that someone could be on here blabbing about someone else when theres another who loves them. It just seems cruel that we tend to focus on others who dont love us when there are others who do and are willing to show it. Speaking for myself I can defend my love for the one I love but if they dont love me I know its time to move on. I blab on here about them too but I know that because they dont love me or show it then nothing will happen. I blab because I love them. It helps sometimes to just write out these feelings on this site until that time I meet someone who will love me as I am and take me as I am and is willing to be a part of my life and I can love him even if its half the love but love him I will.

    2. this site is for letters
      April 2, 2018 at 2:32 pm

      You need a hashtag detox

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