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    I think your too inside your own head
    I don’t have a problem with our current relationship
    Why do you feel like you have to restrain yourself?
    You have some deep seeded fears that are probable but nobody can predict whats to come in a year two years or minutes from now
    I only fear being hurt by someone i love
    As you can probably tell I’ve been betrayed quite a few of times.
    Its not like i can stop myself from thinking that
    Thats why I do get a little down when it hits me
    Thats probably why you’ve seen me sulk.
    It hasn’t gotten anything to do with you.
    I always enjoy our time together
    But my mind tends to go left when things are pleasant. Lol
    Okay but yeah try to relax and take things in small doses
    I know we are wired differently so it can be an ordeal
    Look kiddo
    I think we’re fine as we are currently
    I don’t expect anything more because when you get right down to it
    Will circumstances always favor? Nope.
    You live and you learn and you keep going.
    You don’t have to over rationalize if you feel like you want to text me, talk to me
    We have tons and tons of things we can talk about
    Between me and you we can never run out of conversation ????
    unless you don’t feel like talking to me lol it happens
    If your afraid of the future i mean..
    We can stay at our current state

    I want you to be happy
    I want me to be happy.

    I know love will come around for us both.
    More you than me cause I’m feeling pretty burned out lately.
    Either way,
    Don’t agonize over it, get rest, go to school!, and don’t forget me ????

    ALSO DON’T be afraid of telling me if you think there is something wrong so there is clarity.

    Okay bye, Quack quack :p

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