• Added letter to last letter: hey!

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    Ahh your a big fat mushy cat
    That I love love love
    A box of kittens is a sweet gesture
    But having you here with me right nows what i want
    Also, I’ve had dreams of us together too!!
    I’d tell you better in person though
    I think I was laying on you and you were behind me
    holding me really really tightly
    We were watching a old movie
    You had your head next to mines on my shoulder
    And you fell asleep
    So I kissed your cheek gently, not to wake you up
    And you smiled with your eyes still closed
    And you mumbled I love you (my name. the real pronounciation)
    Pretty boring! But thats the last dream I can remember.

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    1. Author of kittens
      March 30, 2018 at 3:52 am


      You’ve written several letters to the author of my letters, but they aren’t for me. I’ve refrained from writing this response until now even though I have considered it several times. The hope was that if I introduced enough specifics about my situation or history, you would see enough evidence to re-consider my identity as a person unknown to you (and likely several years older than you and your intended recipient). However, I fear that you think I am intentionally skewing factual items in my letters, or that you are overlooking the simplest explanation to your continued problem of not connecting with your love on here the way you would like to. I told you four months back that I didn’t know you—I wasn’t lying about that. We don’t know each other.

      The comments and letters of other writers on here suggest that several of them harbor the inaccurate idea that their person is on this website, using it to connect “anonymously” in lieu of connecting outside of it. It’s driven by wishful thinking, which is easily encouraged when you’re hanging out in a room full of other wishful thinkers. You seem sweet and sincere, so I do hope that things turn out the way you want them to beyond this website. But my voice isn’t going to help you achieve that because even if it’s speaking to you, it isn’t directed at you.

      Unsolicited Advice From an Experienced Writer—

      Even if you address your writings to another person, your writing is ultimately for you. What you write derives directly from what you believe about yourself and the rest of the world. It loosens the grip of self-defeating ideas and clears the resistance to finding your own voice. For that reason nobody wants you to stop writing. I really just didn’t want you to get the wrong idea about your person’s feelings or treatment of you by not owning the identity behind my letters—I am female and I am in my mid-30s. I hope that is enough to prevent possible future entanglements among the two of us.

      Take care.

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