• TO: K-

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    Big things are starting to change in my life right now.
    Things that would allow us to be together, for real.
    But I do not know if you want that.
    I do not even know how to ask you if you do.
    I don’t want to fuck up what we have now and saying something could do that.
    I need a clue.

    If you are interested in me next time I see you ask me something like:
    “You act odd when I ask you about certain things, and if everything is not ok, why don’t you change it?”
    “If you could do it all over, would you change anything?”
    “Talk about a situational person from the past that you wish you would have caught?”

    If you are not interested in me:
    Tell me about a date you went on recently, even if you did not go on one.
    Tell me about someone you want to ask out on a date.

    K-, I can be with you or be your friend, but this “maybe/maybe not” situation we have is slowly breaking me….

    If you are interested, I do not want you to worry about me making anything public. I plan on taking this slow when it comes to telling anyone.


    P.S. I am glad your cold is getting better.

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