• To a Friend I Fell in Love Witg

    by  • March 22, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments


    Many times you’ve avoided me whenever I feel like confessing to you already. Our first misunderstandings, you called me as your ‘only online friend’. I don’t know why, but what we’ve shared, all those postcards we’ve constantly sent to each other, I thought they meant more than just ‘online friends’. When I got back from my Europe trip and you told me you found someone to love, I hated myself for deciding to travel that time. I thought it was my fault. When I tried to avoid you, you begged me to stay, and even tho it hurts a lot, I agreed, hoping that we could still be best friends. But I can’t just hurt myself anymore, day by day, I realize more that I did fell in love with you. When one day you just got angry for no reason, tho I know it maybe because you’ve been having a problem with your girlfriend, you stopped talking to me again. That’s when I got numb from the pain. I was always being left behind. After 3 weeks you said you are back to being okay, you expected me to reply to you as soon as you hit the send button. But you see, I really wanted to, but everytime I think about it, I keep on thinking that the hurt you’re causin me will happen again anytime. I do miss you. But I’m confused now.

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