• Manipulation

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    I’m writing this letter in hopes that maybe it will help someone who is in a similar situation to the one I was.
    The beginning of 2016 was pretty rough, I was in the worst state of my depression that I had ever been in. I hated myself, I felt unloved, unwanted.
    Around the middle of January is when I met, lets call him ‘X’, as not to name names. Now X wasn’t the most attractive, but he had beautiful eyes and a nice smile and was very nice to me when we had our first date.
    My relationship with X was good until about 2 months in. It didn’t happen all at once, but little by little he turned into my worst nightmare.
    It started with little arguments, me apologizing every chance I got, even for things that he said or did. Then it turned into screaming matches until the screaming got so bad I locked myself in the bathroom just to get away because I was afraid of what he would do if I tried to leave.
    It took me 5 months to try and leave. And once I did, at first, he yelled at me and screamed into my face to leave because he knew that’s what I wanted to do. Once I got up to leave he broke down crying at my feet in an attempt to get me stay. When that didn’t work he tried to slit his wrists in another attempt to manipulate me into staying. Into feeling bad for him, that maybe seeing him in such a bad state would make feel sorry again.
    I left his house that night with the thought of never returning and it was the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders.
    After that he attempted to stalk me, called my phone 20 times a day, sent me threatening text messages saying all the things he knew would hurt me and that I he wished I wouldve died so he would never have met me.
    When I had had enough I got a restraining order and haven’t heard from him since.
    Please if you are in a relationship that’s turned sideways get help. Call the police, call your friends, anybody. Because even though I was only in it for 5 months, i would never want anyone else to feel that kind of torture or pain for even 5 minutes.

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