• Dearest W.A 17/07 Babe..

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    I never thought id find myself coming back on this site again after sucha long time not writing on here, but there are some things that just need to come out in order to feel a tiny bit better even if the person you writing about doesn’t see it.

    To The Greatest Love of my Life
    Im assuming you forgot about this site by now or even about me for that matter, but i havent. You have been so much on my mind lately and often i still dream about you. Its been nearly 3 years since we both moved on with our lives and gone our separate ways but theres not a day that goes by where i dont think about you. Some days more than others.

    At the beginning it was very hard for me to cope and find myself again. I went through such extreme lengths to avoid anything that reminded me of you. I wasnt on social media because i couldn’t handle the thought of seeing your face and having all my feelings resurface again. Everything u once bought me i packed away in a box except for my all star jersey i still wear often. It was really very hard getting over you, my heart was crushed in a million pieces. There’s no other girl that even comes close to the amazing and wonderful person you are even more so You are Most Beautiful inside and out.

    I miss you so much! There are times i wish i could just pick up the phone and call you to hear your voice or message you to say hello but i know that would be wrong because we both with other people now and have to respect that. A few months ago i came on whatsapp again and i thought after i msged you about asking about your email thing i would just delete your number and carry on,but the truth is i havent because after seeing a photo of you in sucha long time again my heart literally melted .. I Love you more than you could ever imagine,i always have and i always will.. You are truly the greatest love of my life and i dont think i will ever love anyone the same way again.

    We have shared so much memories, so much laughter.. You made me the happiest person alive just by being the person that you are. You are sucha inspiration. I will always admire the strength you have as a woman despite all the hardships you went through in the past you have conquered them all and turned out to be a greater woman than u ever thought you could be.. You make me wanna be a better person in life.

    I know that today you are truly happy and finally got everything you dreamed of which you thought you could never have,a child. It warms my heart to know that your wish has been granted because you make a wonderful mother and im sure he fills your life with so much joy.You have such a big heart that always cares about others. I would want nothing but the best for you in this life.

    As for myself, im happy and content iv been in a good place since iv moved here. Iv been working my way up the ladder,did some travelling and really just making myself at home in this city. I know when we were together i was a very broken person due to the child abuse i suffered when i was younger and all my other troubles,but iv worked through that got the help i needed,forgave the people that harmed me and finally accepting my life for what it is now. I couldnt be more grateful! Im so sorry for all the hurt and pain iv caused you in the past i know its been many years ago but i sincerely mean it. If i was ever given 1 wish to start my life over id start it from the day i got to know you and do everything right and perfect for you. But i guess everything happens for a reason in life like you always said to me. Im just grateful i got to know someone like you and the love you had for me once.

    I hope that someday we get to speak again,even if its about anything. There’s no one in this world that would ever take your place in my heart. Always take care of Yourself.

    I Love You Immensely Forever and A Day


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