• Weekend Update

    by  • March 17, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Well, thought I should give you an update on my life. Realized that, after cutting me out of your life completely, you’d really have no clue whats going on with me now would you?

    So yeah, I basically moved. I quit my job. Maybe Ill come back, maybe not. Dont see alot of reason too. Doesnt matter whether I lived in the same city as you or halfway across the world, you still wouldnt be a part of my life. I know it would require you actually considering my feelings and treating them as valid to understand this, but I havent been happy living there for a long time, but thats where you were, and so I stayed. And I like it here, I like the life I have. Surrounded by family and just normal people. Noone emotionally abuses me or makes me feel like shit here. People here, they actually remember about my goddamned birthday unlike you ever have.

    I dont know I guess I just thought you should know. You know, your whole plan of me stalking you at your home or workplace and sweeping you off you feet, remember how I told you that would never happen because its fucking creepy and I dont feel like making myself any more vulnerable to you when you wont even respond positively to one goddamned effort Ive ever made to reconnect, yeah well maybe you will believe me now.

    In the meantime, you do you I guess. I mean clearly you were too busy to wish me a fucking happy birthday, so Im sure youll do fine without me just like you have BY YOUR CHOICE for the last almost 4 years now. Maybe you can go explore your sexuality some more, thats always a fun time, no?

    In the meantime, I will try to figure out how I could have ever fallen for such a genuinely self-centered person, utterly incapable of even acknowledging my entitlement to my own fucking feelings. Someday, your spell on me will be broken, and I’ll remember what it feels like when someone actually cares about you and doesnt just keep your around to control and for amusement.

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