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    First time I’ve felt spark from a woman s touch in a long time. I came in with my hair down, letting it dey after a shower. It was almost dry when you walked up behind me and said ” man you smell good!” You ran your fingers through my hair at that moment. Me being new I thought you were going to be a co worker. Come to find out you a are a customer. You came in the next day and asked how I was doing after you asked what perfume I wore. I said I was doing great and ready for a busy day. Little did you know my heart was pumping hard. I went to the restroom and had to compose. I hope you sit in someone else’s section. For some reason you make me nervous. Your eyes pierce. I’m just not ready for anything if that’s what your aiming at. Tammy told me you liked women and had told her you liked my ass. That was the first day we had met. Maybe that’s why I get nervous? I will have to say you are quite the looker. I’m just not ready.

    To: The Looker
    From: Your Waitress

    Maybe someday we can catch a movie!

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